Jung's dissociable psyche and the ec-static self
The self, the psyche and the world: a phenomenological interpretation
Elephants painting? Selfness and the emergence of self states as illustrated in conceptual art
The enigmatic signifier and the decentred subject
Union and separation in the therapy of pervasive developmental disorders and ADHD
The embodied self: thinking psychoanalytically in a time of ‘science’
Ghost and self: Jung's paradigm shift and a response to Zinkin
Intimacy: Venturing the Uncertainties of the Heart edited by Meier, Isabelle, Wirth, Stacy and Hill, John
Murder: A Psychotherapeutic Investigation edited by Doctor, Ronald
Melanie Klein in Berlin – Her First Psychoanalyses with Children by Frank, Claudia
Psychoanalysis Comparable & Incomparable. The Evolution of a Method to Describe and Compare Psychoanalytic Approaches edited by Tuckett, David, Basile, Robert, Birkstead-Breen, Dana, Böhm, Tomas, Denis, Paul, Ferro, Antonino, Hinz, Helmut, Jenstedt, Arne, Mariotti, Paola & Schubert, Johan
Living Systems, Evolving Consciousness, and the Emerging Person: A Selection of Papers from the Life Work of Louis Sander by Amadei, G. & Bianchi, I.
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