What is The Red Book for analytical psychology?
Healing the wounds of our fathers: intergenerational trauma, memory, symbolization and narrative
Fifteen minute stories about training
The Grandfather
Jung's shadow:negation and narcissism of the Self
Faint voices from Greenwich Village: Jung's impact on the first American avant-garde 1
Self-Agency in Psychotherapy: Attachment, Autonomy and Intimacy by Knox. Jean.
The Soul Always Thinks: Collected English Papers: Vol. IV by Giegerich, Wolfgang
The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images edited by Ronnberg, Ami & Martin, Kathleen
Relational Trauma in Infancy: Psychoanalytic, Attachment and Neuropsychological Contributions to Parent-Infant Psychotherapy edited by Baradon, Tessa
Princess, Priestess, Poet: The Sumerian Temple Hymns of Enheduanna by Meador, Betty De Shong
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