Bearing the unbearable: ancestral transmission through dreams and moving metaphors in the analtyic field
Transgenerational transmission of indigestible facts: from trauma, deadly ghosts and mental voids to meaning-making interpretations
Family myth, the symbolic realm and the ancestors
Caught between cultures: cultural norms in Jungian psychodynamic process
A review
Some clinical reflections
‘Soul Murder’ 1 and ‘The Birth of Intersubjectivity’ 2 in David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method 3
Understanding Dreams in Clinical Practice
C.G. Jung: A Biography in Books
Dissociation re-enters psychoanalysis – Janet and Jung must be smiling on the balcony: a reviewer's comment 1
The Shadow of the Tsunami and the Growth of the Relational Mind
The Science of the Art of Psychotherapy
Ferenczi and his World: Rekindling the Spirit of the Budapest School
Bion Today
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