End notes: two unpublished presentations by Michael Fordham
Bringing it all back home: how I became a relational analyst
‘Feeling for’ and ‘feeling with’: developmental and neuroscientific perspectives on intersubjectivity and empathy
Reflections on research and learning from the patient: the art and science of what we do
On the analysis of cheating
Men, Women and Relationships—A Post-Jungian Approach: Gender Electrics and Magic Beans by Catriona Wrottesley
Storr's The Art of Psychotherapy by Martin Schmidt
Symbiosis and Ambiguity by Walter Boechat
Conundrums : A Critique of Contemporary Psychoanalysis by John R. White
‘ Wheel of Fire. The African American dreamer and cultural consciousness ’ by Helen Morgan
‘ A brief introduction to the thought of Armando B. Ferrari ’ by Francesco Bisagni
‘ Hannah Arendt, evil and the eradication of thought ’ by Sharon R. Green
‘ Selfless genes, altruism and trauma: research and clinical implications ’ by Marcus West
‘ Review Essay: Mourning Humanism, or, the Idiom of Haunting ’ by Lyn Katherine Stone
‘ Clinical issues in analyses over the telephone and the internet ’ by David Hewison
‘ Thinking in the space between Winnicott and Lacan ’ by Bonnelle Lewis Strickling
‘ Intersubjectivity and French psychoanalysis: a misunderstanding ?’ by Robin McCoy Brooks
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Erratum Secular and religious: the intrinsic doubleness of analytical psychology and the hegemony of naturalism in the social sciences
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