Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: what made the Monster monstrous?
Winnicott's invitation to ‘further games of Jung-analysis’
Sandplay therapy with couples within the framework of analytical psychology
States of grace: Eureka moments and the recognition of the unthought known
Conspiracies of immanence: Paul Tillich, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and C.G. Jung
Another serious misunderstanding: Jung, Giegerich and a premature requiem
Another serious misunderstanding, indeed! a response to Mark Saban
Some reflections on Barreto's response
Attentive notice to a reply of Harald Atmanspacher (JAP, 59, 3, 429–434)
Film and Culture
Analytical psychology and cinema
Traumatic Ruptures: Abandonment and Betrayal in the Analytic Relationship
The Love Drama of C.G. Jung—As Revealed in his Life and in his Red Book
The Empty Couch: the taboo of ageing and retirement in psychoanalysis
The Alchemical Mercurius. Esoteric Symbol of Jung's Life and Works
Memory and Healing. Neurocognitive and Psychodynamic Perspectives on how Patients and Psychotherapists Remember by Ekstrom, S.R.
Journal of Analytical Psychology 60th Anniversary Event in conjunction with the SAP
Contributors to the issue
Bibliographical Note