A Novel Combined Method of Osteosynthesis in Treatment of Tibial Fractures: A Comparative Study on Sheep with Application of Rod-Through-Plate Fixator and Bone Plating
Functional Morphology of the Aardvark Tail
Anatomical Study of the Forearm and Hand Nerves of the Domestic Cat ( Felis catus ), Puma ( Puma concolor ) and Jaguar ( Panthera onca )
Histochemical Analyses of Anti-Microbial Substances in Canine Perianal Skin with Special Reference to Glandular Structures
Bone Morphology of the Hind Limbs in Two Caviomorph Rodents
Expression of Mn-SOD, iNOS and eNOS mRNAs in Osteoblasts from the Maxilla of Osteopetrotic Mice
Computed Tomography and Cross-Sectional Anatomy of the Metatarsus and Digits of the One-humped Camel ( Camelus dromedarius ) and Buffalo ( Bos bubalis )
Evaluation of Obturator Foramen Suggests No Differences Between Sexes in Young Bovines
Chromaffin Cells of the Adrenal Gland in the Beagle Dog
Scanning Electron Microscopic Study for Pore Formation of the Greater Omentum of Cats
Morphological Analysis and Osteometry of the Foramen Magnum of the One-Humped Camel ( Camelus dromedarius )