Prediction of Parturition Time in Queens using Radiography and Ultrasonography
On the Cornea of Healthy Merino Sheep: A Detailed Ex Vivo Confocal, Histological and Ultrastructural Study
Aspects of the Macroscopic Testicular and Epididymal Morphology in the Greater Rhea, Rhea Americana (Linneaus – 1758) Birds
Morphological and Morphometric Description of Female Reproductive Tract of Sapajus apella (Capuchin monkey)
Gonadal Development of the Piau Leporinus copelandii (Characiformes, Anostomidae) in a Tropical River in South-eastern Brazil
Sexual Dimorphism of Endocranial, Facial and Limb Measurements in the Yellow Baboon ( Papio cynocephalus )
Gross Morphometric Studies on the Tongue, Buccal Cavity and Hard Palate of the Fruit Bat ( Eidolon helvum )
Thoracic Limb Morphology of the Ring-tailed Lemur ( Lemur catta ) Evidenced by Gross Osteology and Radiography
Anatomical Variations of the Blood Vascular System in Veterinary Medicine
Distribution of Galanin and Galanin Receptor 2 in the Pre-optic Area of the Female Guinea Pig
A Practical Technique for Electron Microscopy of Buffy Coats in Dogs and Cats