Goblet Cells and Mucus Types in the Digestive Intestine and Respiratory Intestine in Bronze Corydoras (Callichthyidae: Teleostei)
Morphology, Morphometry and Spatial Distribution of Secondary Osteons in Equine Femur
The Inferior Alveolar Nerve of the Horse: Course and Anatomical Relationship with Mandibular Cheek Teeth
Mouse Incisor Stem Cell Niche and Myb Transcription Factors
Morphology of the Lingual and Buccal Papillae in Alpaca ( Vicugna pacos ) – Light and Scanning Electron Microscopy
Testis Morphometry and Stages of the Seminiferous Epithelium Cycle in an Epididymal Sperm-storing Neotropical Vespertilionid, Myotis levis (Chiroptera)
Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Anatomy of the Normal Orbit and Eye of the Horse
Histological Evaluation of Selected Organs of the Eurasian Beavers (Castor fiber) Inhabiting Poland
Expression and Localization of Aquaporin-1 Along the Intestine of Colostrum Suckling Buffalo Calves