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Radial glias and radial fibers
Central and peripheral nerve regeneration by transplantation of Schwann cells and transdifferentiated bone marrow stromal cells
Recent progress in studies on Merkel cell biology
Comparative investigations of human and rat dermatoglyphics
Cell death of primary afferent nerve cells in neonatal mice treated with capsaicin
Differences in the density of sympathetic nerve fibers in the arteriolar walls of the rat extensor digitorum longus muscle
Erythropoietin and erythropoietin-receptor producing cells demonstrated by in situ hybridization in mouse visceral yolk sacs
Configurations of the segmental and subsegmental bronchi and arteries in the right upper lobe of the human lung with special reference to their concomitant relations and double subsegmental arterial supply
Cytochemical investigation of gastric gland component cells with high-pressure freezing followed by freeze-substitution and hydrophilic resin embedding