Development of the lung of the brushtail possum, Trichosurus vulpecula
Study of the three-dimensional geometry of the central conducting airways in man using computed tomographic (CT) images
Differential regional brain growth and rotation of the prenatal human tentorium cerebelli
Three-dimensional reconstructions of the Achilles tendon insertion in man
Big endothelin-1 but not endothelin-1 is present in the smooth muscle stroma of the prostate gland of the rat
Brief and repeated noise exposure produces different morphological and biochemical effects in noradrenaline and adrenaline cells of adrenal medulla
The ramification and connections of retinal fibres in layer 7 of the domestic chick optic tectum
Mechanisms of changes to the liver pigmentary component during the annual cycle (activity and hibernation) of Rana esculenta L.
Monolateral hypoplasia of the motor vagal nuclei in a case of sudden infant death syndrome
Microscopic analysis of experimentally induced tympanosclerosis in the rat
Ethanol induced malformations of the developing nasal capsule and mandibular arch of Gallus
Junctional phenotype of human vessels during vasculogenesis – a study of the first trimester placenta
Scanning oblique illumination in scanning electron microscopy and light microscopy
Microcrack growth in compact bone
Radiological anatomical evaluation
Potential for communication between the superficial and deep cervical spaces in the neck
Comparative morphology of the gas exchangers
Molecular biology of lung development
Novel putative G protein-coupled receptors cloned from lung
Elevated oxygen and ciliary abundance of rat trachea in vitro
Central mechanisms regulating eupnea and the upper airway
The diaphragm, two physiological muscles in one
A reassessment of the respiratory function of upper airway muscles
Nicotine-evoked ventilatory reflexes in cats
The neurogenesis of gasping is independent of inhibitory synaptic transmission within the brainstem of the juvenile rat
Structure and composition of airway surface liquid
Pulmonary vascular remodelling in chronic lung disease
Airway and blood vessel interaction during lung growth and postnatal adaptation
NG2 glia (oligodendrocyte progenitor cells) and sodium channel clustering at developing nodes of Ranvier in the rat brain
Response of NG2 glia (oligodendrocyte progenitor cells) to platelet derived growth factor in the rat anterior medullary velum
NG2 glia (oligodendrocyte progenitor cells) do not give rise to oligodendrocytes in the absence of axons in vivo but do in vitro
Glutamate and ATP mediate glial calcium signalling in isolated intact rat optic nerves
The dorsal root transitional zone model of CNS axon regeneration
Ultrastructural abnormalities of unmyelinated fibres in the peripheral nerves of genetically diabetic (db/db) mutant mice
Anatomical image quality criteria for thoracic radiological quality control
Distribution of T and B cells in the pig lung
NADPH-diaphorase neurons in the airways of developing pigs
Endothelial ultrastructure in human endometrium following exposure to levonorgestrel intrauterine system
The effects of a xeno-oestrogen on human endometrial cell structure
Development of human placental villi from 10 week to term
Enterocyte cell loss and its association with intraepithelial lymphocytes in porcine small intestine
The use of Field Effect Transistors (FETs) in pharmacological research
Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase Activating Polypeptide in the rat urinary bladder
Transfection of trigeminal sensory and motor neurons by adenoviral vectors containing GFP and Bcl-2 constructs in neonatal mice
Antimitotic treatment to achieve neurone enriched ventral mesencephalic cultures for studies of neurotrophins
Investigation of the expression of Growth/Differentiation Factor-5 in the developing rat brain
Growth/Differentiation Factor 5 enhances dopaminergic graft survival and reverses motor asymmetry in a rat model of Parkinson's disease
Neuroprotective effects of Growth/Differentiation Factor-5 in a rat model of Parkinson's disease
Further observations on neuronal somata and dendrites in chronic schizophrenia
NG2 glia (oligodendrocyte progenitor cells) in the adult rat spinal cord
The dorsal root transitional zone model of CNS axon regeneration
Body composition of the wobbler mutant mouse
The ultrastructure of the ventral horn of the wobbler mutant mouse
Preparing for patients
Human Sectional Anatomy – Pocket Atlas of Body Sections, CT and MRI Images
Exploring the Thalamus
Atlas of Neuroanatomy
Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland