Intralamellar relationships within the collagenous architecture of the annulus fibrosus imaged in its fully hydrated state
An immunohistochemical study of the development of sensorimotor components of the early fetal human spinal cord
Immunolocalization of receptor activator of nuclear factor-κB ligand (RANKL) and osteoprotegerin (OPG) in Meckel's cartilage compared with developing endochondral bones in mice
Programmed cell death in the regenerating deer antler
Cellular proliferation in the urorectal septation complex of the human embryo at Carnegie stages 13–18
An allometric study of lung morphology during development in the Australian pelican, Pelicanus conspicillatus, from embryo to adult
Non-vascular smooth muscle cells in the human choroid
Histochemical distribution of endothelin-converting enzyme subtypes in Podarcis sicula (Squamata, Lacertidae) tissues
The size distribution of neurons in the motor cortex in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Ultrastructural anatomy of CALT follicles in the rabbit reveals characteristics of M-cells, germinal centres and high endothelial venules
Topographic anatomy of bronchial arteries in the pig