Craniofacial development
Evolution of cranial development and the role of neural crest
Patterning the neural crest derivatives during development of the vertebrate head
It's all in your head
The role of the endoderm in the development and evolution of the pharyngeal arches
Developmental studies of the lamprey and hierarchical evolutionary steps towards the acquisition of the jaw
Reassessing the Dlx code
Developmental mechanisms facilitating the evolution of bills and quills
Relations and interactions between cranial mesoderm and neural crest populations
Deer antlers
Barx1 and evolutionary changes in feeding
Neurulation in the cranial region – normal and abnormal
Growth of the normal skull vault and its alteration in craniosynostosis
Regional regulation of palatal growth and patterning along the anterior–posterior axis in mice
Three-dimensional analysis of mandibular growth and tooth eruption
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