The amygdaloid complex and the medial and lateral ventricular eminences in staged human embryos
Ultrastructural features of neurons and synaptic contacts in the posterodorsal medial amygdala of adult male rats
Total number of neurons in the habenular nuclei of the rat epithalamus
Vascularization of rat pituitary autografts
Subcellular localization of epidermal growth factor receptor in human submandibular gland
An anatomical study of the buccinator muscle fibres that extend to the terminal portion of the parotid duct, and their functional roles in salivary secretion
Antimicrobial defence mechanisms of the human parotid duct
Cell structure of developing downfeathers in the zebrafinch with emphasis on barb ridge morphogenesis
A new model for the morphology of the arrector pili muscle in the follicular unit based on three-dimensional reconstruction
Origin of the styloglossus muscle in the human fetus
Essentials of Anatomic Pathology
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