Symposium on ‘The Anatomy of Tissue Engineering’
Regeneration, tissue injury and the immune response
How to build and rebuild a lens
Characterizing regeneration in the vertebrate ear
Soluble and insoluble signals and the induction of bone formation
Cartilage, SOX9 and Notch signals in chondrogenesis
Enhancing tissue integration in cartilage repair procedures
Cell-matrix biology in vascular tissue engineering
Biological tooth replacement
Bioengineered nerve regeneration and muscle reinnervation
Commercial considerations in tissue engineering
Microscopic and histological examination of the mouse hindpaw digit and flexor tendon arrangement with 3D reconstruction
Location of injury influences the mechanisms of both regeneration and repair within the MRL/MpJ mouse
Reactions of medical students towards exposure to the dissecting room
Scenario-based teaching in gross anatomy for students studying speech and language therapy
The anatomy of the porcine spine and its comparison to the human spine
Potential sites of referred pain and dysfunction resulting from lumbar intervertebral disc herniation
The effect of experimental sepsis on the rat spinal cord
Alpha-synuclein pathology in the olfactory pathways of patients with dementia
Coronary artery variation in a Manchester sample
Increased vascular leakage but not angiogenesis is a feature of feto-placental vessels in gestational diabetes
The shape of pituitary small vessels
Microparticle uptake through an intestinal epithelial membrane in vitro
Site- and exercise-related variations in equine articular calcified cartilage thickness, mineralization density and linear accretion rate
Effects of gestational nutrition on vascular function in the murine placenta and embryo
Positional identity of adult limb stem cells during regeneration in salamanders
How to regenerate an organ
Characterizing regeneration in the vertebrate ear
FGF signal interpretation during mesoderm formation in Xenopus
Soluble and insoluble signals and the induction of bone formation
3D engineered ECM analogues for studying cell behaviour and engineering tissue healing
The biological and mechanical characteristics of several collagen-GAG scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Hair follicle cycle is associated with changes in subcutaneous tissue adipogenesis and wound healing response in a murine model
Prevention and reduction of scarring in the skin by TGFβ3
Gap junction expression in diabetic rat wound healing
Towards wound dressings with combined diagnostic and therapeutic capability
Enhancing integration of cartilage transplants
Bioengineered nerve regeneration and muscle reinnervation
A genetically tractable model for the investigation of flexor tendon injury using mice
Biosurgery without the beasties
Dermagraft - human fibroblast-derived dermal substitute
Making tissues
Histological analysis of skin from embalmed cadavers - a possible route for studying the complexities of skin
Understanding how muscle pattern is determined in the developing limb bud
Making new teeth from stem cells
Control of chondrogenesis and the assembly of cartilage matrix
The in vivo plasticity of bovine chondroprogenitor cells in SCID mice
Comparative study of elastic fibre gene expression in vitro and in a murine wound healing model
Mechanisms of revascularization in mouse skin grafts
Re-innervation of the regenerating MRL/MpJ mouse ear blastema
Wnt-6 signalling and GATA 6 regulation in Xenopus heart muscle development
The effect of Notch1 on the proliferation of C2C12 myoblast cells
The intraocular muscles of the avian eye
Analysis of X-inactivation mosaic mice to demonstrate the maintenance of the murine corneal epithelium by limbal stem cells
Regional specification of the Xenopus endoderm
Chick amniogenesis and actin
Molecular mechanisms behind angiogenesis in the type 1 diabetic placenta - the role of β-catenin
In vitro effects on microparticle uptake following environmental challenge
Advanced biological applications of the novel widefield surface plasmon microscope
Anomalies in the branching pattern of the internal iliac artery
Status of atherosclerosis in postmortem hearts of people of Bangladesh
Histological and immunocytochemical study of the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments of the lumbar spine in human fetuses
The innervation of Kager's fat pad in man
Comforting cadavers