Characterization of neuronal subsets surrounded by perineuronal nets in the rhesus auditory brainstem
Morphometrics and inertial properties in the body segments of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)
HSP110, caspase-3 and -9 expression in physiological apoptosis and apoptosis induced by in vivo embryonic exposition to all-trans retinoic acid or irradiation during early mouse eye development
Skeletogenesis in the swell shark Cephaloscyllium ventriosum
Human TRP14 gene homologue from amphioxus Branchiostoma belcheri
Revascularization and remodelling of pancreatic islets grafted under the kidney capsule
Applicability of the glomerular size distribution coefficient in assessing human glomerular volume
Effect of toe and heel elevation on calculated tendon strains in the horse and the influence of the proximal interphalangeal joint
Human mesenchymal stem cells at the single-cell level
Curcuma longa extract as a histological dye for collagen fibres and red blood cells
Evolution of the amygdaloid complex in vertebrates, with special reference to the anamnio-amniotic transition
Development and evolution of the claustroamygdaloid complex
Comparative aspects of cortical neurogenesis in vertebrates
Molecular mechanisms involved in the migration of cortical interneurons
Evidence of NMDA-mediated calcium signalling in NG2-expressing glia
Dogmas in anatomy and neuroanatomy
The cellular prion protein in the cow brain
Lewy-body protein immunoreactivity in the midbrain of a PKC-gamma mutant rat
Progressive neuronal atrophy in a mouse model of Huntington's disease
Encephalopathy is associated with increased brain water content and microvessel changes in a rat model of sepsis
Molecular mechanisms of early axon scaffold formation in the chick embryonic brain
GABAergic control of retinal ganglion cell dendritic growth
Descending modulation of nociceptive activation of spinal cord neurons expressing NK1 or GABAB receptors during chronic pain
Serotonergic innervation of the anterior, midline and mediodorsal thalamic nuclei in the macaque monkey
Adult organization and development of the ‘thalamic matrix’ system in the rat
Number of synaptic boutons on the axon initial segment of pyramidal neurons of rat infragranular neocortical layers
Temporal and prefrontal reorganization of declarative memory functions in patients with left mesial temporal sclerosis
3D Reconstruction of Déjérine's brain atlas
GABAAR lateral mobility and localization
Long range projections of the antero-lateral subependymal zone and adjacent white matter neurons of the rabbit
Comparative analysis of selected linear measurements of human and baboon brains
Adaptability, flexibility and versatility in stem cell populations
Study of juxtaoral organ in rat embryos
Differential expression of cytokeratins 7 and 18 in villous and extravillous trophoblast cells
Anatomical study of Reichert's cartilage in human fetuses
Nano-gold immuno-electron microscopic localization of caveolin-1 in human placenta
Changes in muscle cells and caveolin-3 immunofluorescence labelling during skeletal muscle cell differentiation
Selective vulnerability to ischaemic-hypoxic injury of the subnucleus gelatinosus of the human nucleus tractus solitarii
Topographical and laminar distribution of cortical input to the monkey entorhinal cortex
A multiarchitectonic approach for the definition of functionally distinct areas and domains in the monkey frontal lobe
Organization of primate prefrontal association cortex
Specializations of the human neocortex
Issues about integration of basic science in innovative curricula
Adding ‘common sense’ to ‘the need to know’ in anatomy teaching
Anatomy, a basic subject in biomedical education and science
Supporting modern postgraduate surgical training programmes in the UK through greater use of cadaveric material
How anatomy departments could participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for surgeons
Influence of body composition on bronchopulmonary function in healthy young men
Evaluation of the variability found in orbital fossae of human skulls
Age of commencement of union of the epiphyses at the knee
Emotional reactions to human dissection and perception of death in anatomy students
New teaching technologies applied to a continuous assessment method
Results of applying a cooperative learning method and study using cases to anatomy students in the first year of physiotherapy training
Anatomy and e-learning
Learning and teaching human anatomy through virtual reality
The design of virtual practicals in anatomy learning
Coping methods in the dissection room of first-year medical students in human anatomy practicals
Anatomical terminology in surgery
Establishment of a programme of anatomy for physiotherapy based on competencies
Interactive anatomy of the locomotor system
Educational strategies for the teaching of gross anatomy in the medical curriculum – student attitudes, learning outcomes and teaching methods in medical education
Educational strategies applied in teaching anatomy
The use of stereological tools to quantitatively estimate the injection size in neuroanatomical tract-tracing studies
Morphometric evaluation for the use of magnetic resonance imaging to characterize neurodegeneration in mouse models
The role of the actin-binding protein drebrin in growth cone pathfinding
The role of clip-170 and dynein in the assembly of apico-basal microtubule arrays in polarized epithelial cells
Development of an immunotoxin system for the selective ablation of NG2-glia to study their functions
Different mechanisms of cell death during early development of vertebrate visual system
Morphometry of the recurrent laryngeal nerves of the rat
History of the thalamic syndrome
Effects of the agu mutation on ageing and senescence in the brain and kidney in vivo
Construction of a new recombinant adenovirus
NG2-expressing glia in the mouse cerebellum
Measuring changes in synaptic connectivity
Distribution of p73 expression in rat circumventricular organs
Does hypoxia prime mouse motor nerve terminal loss?
Morphometric analysis of the nasal cavity in a collection of human skulls
Analysis of variability of the human bony palate
Sex determination by means of the proximal phalanx of the hallux
Total soft tissue components as in vivo determinants of body bone mass by means of DXA
An anatomical variation of the clavicle
Markers of locomotor activity in a Roman population from Caesaraugusta (Zarazoga)
The structure and innervation of the muscular origin of tibialis anterior in the rat
Isokinetic behaviour of the triceps surae muscle after surgery of the calcaneal tendon
Verification of a computer model of the formation of foot pressure using a novel foot marker system
Nervous relationships of the short saphenous vein
An anatomical study of the posterior septal space of the heart
Computerized atlas of the superficial venous network of the lower limb
Endothelial function in small veins
Exogenous maternal insulin induces vascular leakage in the perfused human placenta
Visualization of external lumbar vertebral venous plexus using magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography
Morphogenesis of the human tensor veli palatini muscle (specimens measuring 15–76 mm crown rump length)
Morphogenesis of the human lacrimal apparatus
The role of the notochord in vertebral column patterning
Determining the molecular code behind digit anatomy
Correlation of oestrogen receptor coactivator AIB1, oestrogen receptor α, and aromatase with cellular proliferation and apoptosis in human prolactinomas
Coexpression of aromatase, oestrogen receptor α and dopaminergic receptor D2L in human prolactinomas
Regulation by gonadal steroids of aromatase p450 expression in the rat pituitary
Annexin 1
Localization of renal COX-1 expression in control and NSAID treated CD-1 mice
High-resolution chromosome structure after premature condensation induced by caliculin
Counting your gold
Postgraduate continued learning of anatomy
Contributions of the Romanian medical school to the development of basic and applied neuroanatomy
Communicating clinical anatomy to a lay audience
A strategy towards professionalism in the dissecting room
Anatomy instruction in physiotherapy students
Nursing student's perceptions on the use of anatomical prosections as an educational tool
Selection for medical studies and success in the subject of human gross anatomy
The impact of the use of virtual practicals in anatomical learning
Learning the language of anatomy
Anatomical teaching for medical students from the perspective of European Union enlargement
Workshop in clinical anatomy of the brain
Structure and assessment of a short intense clinical anatomy course immediately before clinical studies