Symposium on ‘Live cell imaging of neuronal and glial signalling’
Use-dependent control of presynaptic calcium signalling at central synapses
Glutamate-mediated neuronal–glial transmission
Morphological and physiological interactions of NG2-glia with astrocytes and neurons
Three-dimensional confocal morphometry – a new approach for studying dynamic changes in cell morphology in brain slices
GFP imaging of live astrocytes
Excitotoxic damage to white matter
Craniofacial growth in fetal Tarsius bancanus
The effects of muscular dystrophy on the craniofacial shape of Mus musculus
The testicular capsule and peritubular tissue of birds
The asymmetry of avian egg-shape
Rats exposed to cocaine during late gestation and early postnatal life show deficits in hippocampal pyramidal and granule cells in later life
A model for clubfoot based on micro-CT data
Regional differences in the tunica media of the aorta of the goat (Capra ibex)
Morpholino induced beta-myosin heavy chain knockdown leads to heart defects in the chick
Alpha myosin heavy chain knockdown leads to defects in atrial septal development
Effects of macrophages and microparticles on Caco-2 intestinal cell epithelial permeability
Medial percutaneous calcaneal pin placement
Sexual dimorphism of ageing changes in the human abdominal linea alba
Reconstructing phylogenies and phenotypes
The hominin fossil record
Environmental influences on human evolutionary history
Locomotion and posture
The recent evolutionary history and adaptive significance of the hominin hand
The face of the chimpanzee–human split
Structural and functional trends in mandible and tooth morphology with the hominin clade
Getting bipedal
Comparison in three primates of nuchal muscle force per kilogram of skull mass required to maintain skeletal elements of the head in their habitual posture
Modelling the mechanical modulation of bone remodelling fields in the cercopithecine face
A natural history of the human mind
Hominin life history
Interaction of glucocorticoids and ATP on externalization of annexin I and calcium transients in folliculostellate cells
Digital analysis of the human fetal pituitary cells showing co-localization of FSH and GH
Educational perspectives on learning anatomy
Comparison of reactions of medical and podiatry students to dissecting room exposure
The possible effects of human teratogenic molecules on embryonic cells cultured in vitro
The fine structure of the nerve cord–notochord interface in Amphioxus
Effect of microenvironment and reproductive hormones on Caco-2 cell epithelial permeability
Immunohistochemical localization of intestinal and colonic MUC2 following administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Surface area of glomerular capillaries and glomerular size in hypertensive rats following ingestion of diet rich in cholesterol or fish oil
Variations of the neurovascular supply of the lower limb, and their implications on treatment of kneecapping injuries