Coexistence of adrenergic and cholinergic nerves in the inferior hypogastric plexus
Evolution of M1 crown size and cusp proportions in the genus Homo
The evolution of orbit orientation and encephalization in the Carnivora (Mammalia)
Petrosal anatomy and inner ear structures of the Late Jurassic Henkelotherium (Mammalia, Cladotheria, Dryolestoidea)
From fish to modern humans – comparative anatomy, homologies and evolution of the pectoral and forelimb musculature
Functional morphology and biomechanics of the tongue-bite apparatus in salmonid and osteoglossomorph fishes
Variation of trabecular microarchitectural parameters in cranial, caudal and mid-vertebral regions of the ovine L3 vertebra
The role of angiotensin-(1–7) receptor Mas in spermatogenesis in mice and rats
An unbiased stereological study on subpopulations of rat liver macrophages and on their numerical relation with the hepatocytes and stellate cells
Immunohistochemical localization of Clara cell secretory proteins (CC10-CC26) and Annexin-1 protein in rat major salivary glands
Morphological and immunocytochemical characteristics indicate the yield of early progenitors and represent a quality control for human mesenchymal stem cell culturing
Evaluation of the chondral modeling theory using fe-simulation and numeric shape optimization
S1. Implantation
S2. Implantation in vitro and in silico
S3. Trophoblast invasion and remodelling of the uterine vasculature
S4. Trophoblast-mediated spiral artery remodelling
S5. Cellular and molecular mechanisms that establish the feto-maternal interface in mice
S6. Oxygen, the Janus gas
S7. Nutritional programming of disease
S8. Early embryo adaptations to maternal protein undernutrition and their consequences
S9. The placental insulin-IGF-system in diabetic pregnancies
S10. Vascular dysfunction in the diabetic placenta
S11. A stereological perspective on placental morphology in normal and complicated pregnancies
Effects of hyperglycaemia and hypoxia on vascular endothelial growth factor expression in human chorionic villous explants
In vitro dual perfusion of the human placental lobule as a phantom to investigate the relationship between fetoplacental flow and 3D power Doppler signal
A role for angiostatin in the pathophysiology of fetal growth restriction?
Placental renin expression in twin–twin transfusion syndrome and in vitro regulation of renin in placental cells
Blood flow and nutrient transport in the human placentone
Molecular basis of digit identity in embryonic limb development
Conditional immunoablation of NG2-glia to study their functions
Gap junctions and hydrogen peroxide contribute to the EDHF response in omental veins from normal pregnant women
Wnt signalling regulates transcription factor networks in vertebrate heart development
The effect of Penitrem A on the developing neonatal rat cerebellum
Ultrastructural organization of collagen fibrils in the dermis of α11-integrin deficient mice
Inguinal herniae of the third kind – a new variant?
Challenges and prospects of switching to digital online summative assessment in Anatomy using WebCT – A 5 year experience at Sultan Qaboos University
Students’ perceptions and approaches to learning anatomy in a system-based course using prosection and dissection
Methods used in anatomical education in UK
Developmental toxicity of ethanol in chick heart micromass culture can be prevented by addition of vitamin C
The Sd (a)-glycotope, recognized by the CT1 monoclonal antibody, is a surface-marker for mouse uterine natural killer cells
Impact of caffeine and ethanol, the most common human teratogens/embryotoxins, on embryonic cells cultured in vitro
Using a minigene assay to assess the function of a polymorphism associated with intra-uterine growth restriction
The role of hypoxia on human placental angiogenesis
The effect of fetal hyperinsulaemia on human placental vascular function
Quantitative analysis of human placental angiogenic growth factors from the second trimester of pregnancy
The interhaemal glycocode
Effect of gestational protein restriction on growth and β-catenin expression in the murine placenta
Villous density in normal and growth-restricted pregnancies – a simplistic analysis
Vertebral column patterning in the chick embryo
Cranial foramina development in the chick embryo
Expression of pleiotrophin and its receptors in human trophoblast
Identification of a novel component of the renin-angiotensin system in human placenta
A stereological study on the effects of the Mirena/Levonogestrel releasing device on the morphology of the human myometrium
Expression of the BKCa channel in human chorionic plate arteries
Hypoxia induces rapid and selective injury to α-motor nerve terminals
Comparative analysis of early axon tracts in the embryonic vertebrate brain
Analysis of cellular environment of spinal cord lesion following transplantation of neural stem cells into injured rat spinal cord
Abnormalities of endoneurial vasculature in the peripheral nerves of genetically diabetic (db/db) mutant mice
Apolipoprotein E (APOE) genotype influences degenerative and regenerative events in the peripheral nervous system
Loss of translation elongation factor eEF1A2 differentially affects pathways responsible for dying-back neuropathy and Wallerian degeneration in vivo
Development of functional regionalization in the human neocortex
Does cyclophosphamide cause chemobrain?
Sox gene expression in the adult mouse cerebellum
Bergmann glia of the early postnatal rat cerebellum express stem cell markers and retain neural stem cell characteristics in neurospheroid cultures of comparable ages
Effect of the chemotherapeutic agent, 5-fluorouracil, on memory and neurogenesis in the adult rat hippocampus
Effects of valproic acid on hippocampal-dependent cognition and proliferation
Introducing anatomy learning packages into clinical attachments
Introducing anatomy learning packages into clinical attachments
Introducing anatomy learning packages into clinical attachments
Quantitative studies on the effects of prenatal exposure to nicotine on renal histology and gene expression in spontaneously hypertensive and Brown Norway rats
Differential parenchymal growth in the adrenal gland of the spontaneously hypertensive rat ( SHR/Ntac) model of genetic hypertension
Histological investigation of the nature and incidence of osteoarthritis in the knee joint with focus on the contribution of the tidemark
Can cranial neural crest-derived cells help repair cartilage? A continuing story
Localization of sulfate anion transporter sat-1 in muscular tissues
Lectin staining for evaluation of angiogenesis in enzymically cross-linked collagen scaffolds used as dermal substitutes in rats
The effect of lymphocytes on Caco-2 intestinal epithelial permeability
Role of CLIP-170 in microtubule organization in cultured and in situ epithelial cells
Cell density and 3D digital analysis confirm colocalization of both FSH and LH with GH in human embryo-fetal pituitary cells
The role of the Dapper molecules in paraxial mesoderm formation and muscle stem cell development in the avian embryo
Introduction to core skills in anatomy teaching
Professionalism in the dissecting room
Learning the language of anatomy
Do students of anatomy need to communicate with different audiences?