Don Wayne Fawcett, 1917–2009
Developmental stages of the Japanese quail
Tissue distribution of cells derived from the area opaca in heterospecific quail-chick blastodermal chimeras
Functional morphology of the sound-generating labia in the syrinx of two songbird species
Semicircular canals and agility
Sutural growth restriction and modern human facial evolution
The enamel–dentine junction in the postcanine dentition of Australopithecus africanus
Dynamic expression of Six family genes in the dental mesenchyme and the epithelial ameloblast stem/progenitor cells during murine tooth development
Wnt/β-catenin signalling regulates cardiomyogenesis via GATA transcription factors
Micro-magnetic resonance imaging and embryological analysis of wild-type and pma mutant mice with clubfoot
Variation in within-bone stiffness measured by nanoindentation in mice bred for high levels of voluntary wheel running
Skeletal advance and arrest in giant non-metamorphosing African clawed frog tadpoles ( Xenopus laevis: Daudin)
Collagen fibril organization in the pregnant endometrium of decorin-deficient mice
Histology. An Illustrated Colour Text