Development of the human neocortex
Renewed focus on the developing human neocortex
The HUDSEN Atlas: a three-dimensional (3D) spatial framework for studying gene expression in the developing human brain
Investigating gradients of gene expression involved in early human cortical development
Abnormal development of the human cerebral cortex
When cortical development goes wrong: schizophrenia as a neurodevelopmental disease of microcircuits
Building a human cortex: the evolutionary differentiation of Cajal-Retzius cells and the cortical hem
Early history of subplate and interstitial neurons: from Theodor Meynert (1867) to the discovery of the subplate zone (1974)
Subplate in the developing cortex of mouse and human
Populations of subplate and interstitial neurons in fetal and adult human telencephalon
Development of axonal pathways in the human fetal fronto-limbic brain: histochemical characterization and diffusion tensor imaging
Neuroimaging of cortical development and brain connectivity in human newborns and animal models
Imaging selective vulnerability in the developing nervous system
Early microglial colonization of the human forebrain and possible involvement in periventricular white-matter injury of preterm infants
Unravelling the development of the visual cortex: implications for plasticity and repair
Reorganization after pre- and perinatal brain lesions*