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Stereological estimation of the total number of myelinated callosal fibers in human subjects
Cell replication in craniofacial periosteum: appositional vs. resorptive sites
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Role for Gli3 in the development of the thalamocortical and corticothalamic tracts in mice
Graded expression patterns of ROBO1, SRGAP1 and CTIP2 reveal early evidence of an anterior location of the motor cortex during fetal human development
The distribution of microglial cells in the periventricular white matter of the immature human brain: A combined magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and histological approach
Fgf10-expressing tanycytes in the adult hypothalamus resemble neural stem cells and generate both neurons and glia in vivo
TASK-1 channel expression and function in glial cells of the mouse CNS
Like a Hole in the Head; Development of cranial foramina in the chick embryo
Exploring Clinal Variation in the Morphology of Baboons (Papio spp.) : A Geometric Morphometric Approach
Evidence for a novel destructive mechanism in hyaline articular cartilage (HAC) involving extrusion of mineralised matrix from the articular calcified cartilage (ACC) and subchondral bone
Digital densimetric analysis of the early stages in the development of the embryonic human central nervous system
The subpial granular layer of the developing human cortex: A neurochemical analysis
The subplate as a developmental target for neocortical evolution
Subplate subpopulations in the hypoxic-ischemic neonatal rat brain
GFP-expression in subplate cells in the Edg2-GFP and CTGF-GFP mouse
Long Noncoding RNA Partners of the Transcription Factor Satb2 in Callosal Projection Neurons of the Mouse Cerebral Cortex
Emergence of resting state networks parallels thalamocortical connections formation in the developing brain: insights from a resting state fMRI study
The HUDSEN Atlas: A new resource for studying morphogenesis and gene expression during human embryonic development
MR Imaging of Paraffin embedded brain: A novel approach for histology and MR Imaging coregistration for building a atlas of human brain development
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