Timing of ectocranial suture activity in Gorilla gorilla as related to cranial volume and dental eruption
Analysis of osteon morphotype scoring schemes for interpreting load history: evaluation in the chimpanzee femur
Inertial properties of equine limb segments
Age-related changes in iliac crest cortical width and porosity: a histomorphometric study
Functional analysis of CTRP3/cartducin in Meckel’s cartilage and developing condylar cartilage in the fetal mouse mandible
Expression of fibroblast growth factors (Fgfs) in murine tooth development
The effects of hypermuscularity on shoulder morphology in myostatin-deficient mice
Shared and differential traits in the accessory olfactory bulb of caviomorph rodents with particular reference to the semiaquatic capybara
Descended and mobile larynx, vocal tract elongation and rutting roars in male goitred gazelles ( Gazella subgutturosa Güldenstaedt, 1780 )
O1 Important anatomical considerations for the surgical approach to carotid arterial intervention: a cadaveric study
O2 The RET signalling pathway in the development of intrinsic lung innervation.
O3 The role of the external examiner in assessment of anatomical knowledge in UK and Ireland: data from the AS questionnaire
O4 Immunocytochemical examination of voltage-gated potassium channel expression in the pituitary folliculo-stellate cell line TtT/GF
P1 Biomechanical implications of the baboon craniofacial form
P2 Spexin expression in the carotid body
P3. Decellularization of rat and human omentum to develop novel scaffolds for regenerative medicine
P4 What is a spotter? The challenges of assessing anatomy in an integrated curriculum