Journal of Anatomy Special Issue on ‘Vertebrate Evolutionary Development Biology’
Development and embryonic staging in non-model organisms: the case of an afrotherian mammal
Incremental evolution of the neural crest, neural crest cells and neural crest-derived skeletal tissues
The origin and evolution of the ectodermal placodes
Developmental and evolutionary significance of the mandibular arch and prechordal/premandibular cranium in vertebrates: revising the heterotopy scenario of gnathostome jaw evolution
Early patterning in a chondrichthyan model, the small spotted dogfish: towards the gnathostome ancestral state
Evolution and development of the vertebrate neck
Development and evolution of the vertebrate primary mouth
The making of differences between fins and limbs
The evolutionary history of the development of the pelvic fin/hindlimb
Cranial muscles in amphibians: development, novelties and the role of cranial neural crest cells
Evolution of the mammalian middle ear and jaw: adaptations and novel structures