The functional role of the ischiopubic membrane for the mechanical loading of the pubis in the domestic fowl ( Gallus gallus )
The effects of sex steroids on thyroid C cells and trabecular bone structure in the rat model of male osteoporosis
Clavicles, interclavicles, gastralia, and sternal ribs in sauropod dinosaurs: new reports from Diplodocidae and their morphological, functional and evolutionary implications
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The seminiferous epithelial cycle and microanatomy of the koala ( Phascolarctos cinereus ) and southern hairy-nosed wombat ( Lasiorhinus latifrons ) testis
Authors' response to the letter to the Editors by Professor M. T. Cibulka: a critical interpretation of sacroiliac joint movement studies
Ovarian cysts in MRL/MpJ mice are derived from the extraovarian rete: a developmental study