Virtual tissue alignment and cutting plane definition – a new method to obtain optimal longitudinal histological sections
The anatomy of the caudal zona incerta in rodents and primates
Anatomical comparison of sciatic nerves between adults and newborns: clinical implications for ultrasound guided block
Fibre type composition in the lumbar perivertebral muscles of primates: implications for the evolution of orthogrady in hominoids
Osteoblast-osteocyte transformation. A SEM densitometric analysis of endosteal apposition in rabbit femur
Periosteal thickness and cellularity in mid-diaphyseal cross-sections from human femora and tibiae of aged donors
Interspecific scaling patterns of talar articular surfaces within primates and their closest living relatives
Osteogenic relationship between the lateral plantar process and the peroneal tubercle in the human calcaneus
Enteric neuroplasticity in seawater-adapted European eel ( Anguilla anguilla )
Immunocytochemical characterisation of olfactory ensheathing cells of zebrafish
Expression and distribution of GABA and GABAB-receptor in the rat adrenal gland
Immunoablation of cells expressing the NG2 chondroitin sulphate proteoglycan
Cartilage form and function in health, disease, and regeneration
Tissue engineering scaled-up, anatomically accurate osteochondral constructs for joint resurfacing
Structure and symptom-modifying therapies for discogenic back pain
Harnessing the form and function of pre-vascularisation and embryological bone formation as novel approaches for bone repair using tissue engineered collagen-based scaffolds
Recreating the endochondral ossification process as a bone regeneration strategy: chondrogenic and vascular priming of mesenchymal stem cells enhances osteogenesis in vitro
Mild heat-shock provides an effective stimulatory effective for bone regeneration by osteoprogenitors in vitro
Cells meet textiles
Development of bilayered tubular collagen-elastin scaffolds for vascular tissue engineering
Role of ECM in human cardiovascular development
Scar wars
Cell curvature in the definition of leader cell identity
Mesenchymal stem cell therapy: host response and mechanism
Gene-activated scaffolds as effective non-viral delivery platforms for enhanced bone repair
Novel approaches for the maintenance and differentiation of stem cells
Quantifying form in regenerative medicine
Establishment of an in vitro cornea 3D model - a stepping stone to environmental reprogramming of skin epidermal cells into corneal epithelium
Tissue engineering articular cartilage and bone with form and function
The effect of hypoxia on endothelial and chondrogenic differentiation of human amniotic fluid-derived stem cells (hAFSCs) for use in orthopaedic tissue engineering
MCP-1 promotes mesenchymal stem cell migration via Gbg, PI3K and ROCK dependent mechanisms
The dark art of learning outcomes
An exploration of anatomists' and clinicians' views towards the use of body painting in medical education
Learning outcomes: a tool for informing the design of computerized anatomy educational tools
Integration of anatomy studies in problem- based learning
The changing role of anatomy education within the undergraduate medical curriculum: a multi-stakeholder analysis
The developmental basis for the evolution of vertebrate three-dimensional mobility
Determining the cause of selective vulnerability of motor units in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy
SMN-dependent defects in Schwann cells in mouse models of spinal muscular atrophy
Remodelling bone remodelling: identification of excrescences in aged human bone
A role for thin filament sarcomeric proteins in the developing heart
Mechanical characterisation of the prostate: initial results
The role of PCP genes in maintaining the corneal epithelium
Improving airway in vitro models with tissue engineering: three-dimensional culture of bronchial epithelium on collagenbased scaffolds
An investigation of the ability of IL-10 overexpressing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to delay or prevent osteoarthritis progression in mice
Expression of CD68 positive macrophages in mesenchymal stem cell and schwann cell loaded scaffolds in a transection model of spinal cord injury
The effect of substrate stiffness and delayed cell differentiation on bone tissue formation within gelatin scaffolds
Control of muscle stem cell maintenance vs. differentiation in the chicken embryo
Investigating the potential of chitosan as a gene delivery vector in the development of a gene-activated matrix for bone regeneration
Testing the differentiation potential of embryonic tendon cells towards an osteogenic lineage
Defining adaptation in the rat musculoskeletal system in response to changing biomechanical demands
New insights into the three-dimensional structure of the murine epidermal basement membrane
An analysis of connexin 43 expression in term myometrium and the effect of maternal BMI and age
Label-free proteomics identifies peripherally-accessible biomarkers for spinal muscular atrophy
Glial cells play a defining role in developmental synapse elimination at the mouse neuromuscular junction
Lateral orbital rim; open or closed in mammals
Do upper and lower orbital fat have a connection?
The arterial supply of the spinal cord and its clinical implications
The plantar nerves of the foot
Expression of autism susceptibility genes in the earliest stages of human cerebral cortex development
Investigating the detailed structure of the venous drainage of the Wistar rat ( Rattusnorvegicus ), Marmoset ( Callithrix jacchus ) and human brains: a MicroCT, MRI and ESEM study using resin casting techniques
Morphologic effects of methamphetamine administration at different dosages on the rat adrenal gland
Novel hydrogels for site specific delivery of human mesenchymal stem cells and microRNA mimetics as a multimodal therapeutic for the treatment of myocardial infarction
Anatomy and tensile strength of the abdominal head of the pectoralis major muscle in relation to transaxillary breast augmentation
Anatomy laboratory practical development
Blending the virtual and physical teaching environment: the potential role of the anatomy e-booklet
Student ownership and use of electronic media in anatomy and histology learning at the University of Southampton
Pathological pots: a valuable physical and virtual resource
Pathology pots; linking educational value
The value of clinically orientated anatomy teaching in the undergraduate medical education
Mechanisms of Morphogenesis, 2nd edn Developmental Biology 10th edn