Anatomical Society core regional anatomy syllabus for undergraduate medicine: the Delphi process
The Anatomical Society core regional anatomy syllabus for undergraduate medicine
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Innervation of the rabbit cardiac ventricles
Inhomogeneity of collagen organization within the fibrotic scar after myocardial infarction: results in a swine model and in human samples
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Proximate determinants of bite force in Anolis lizards
Genetics of murine craniofacial morphology: diallel analysis of the eight founders of the Collaborative Cross
Structure and function of the septum nasi and the underlying tension chord in crocodylians
Extensively remodeled, fractured cetacean tympanic bullae show that whales can survive traumatic injury to the ears
The ear region of earliest known elephant relatives: new light on the ancestral morphotype of proboscideans and afrotherians
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Discontinuities in the endothelium of epiphyseal cartilage canals and relevance to joint disease in foals
Fascial bundles of the infraspinatus fascia: anatomy, function, and clinical considerations
Uncovered secret of a Vasseur-Tramond wax model
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