Symposium on Primate Ecomorphology: introduction
Exploring morphological generality in the Old World monkey postcranium using an ecomorphological framework
Architecture and functional ecology of the human gastrocnemius muscle-tendon unit
A review of trabecular bone functional adaptation: what have we learned from trabecular analyses in extant hominoids and what can we apply to fossils?
Social variables exert selective pressures in the evolution and form of primate mimetic musculature
Contextualising primate origins – an ecomorphological framework
Why are there apes? Evidence for the co-evolution of ape and monkey ecomorphology
The hominins: a very conservative tribe? Last common ancestors, plasticity and ecomorphology in Hominidae. Or, What's in a name?
Morphology and environment in some fossil Hominoids and Pedetids (Mammalia)
John William Simmons Harris (1926–2013)