Novel taxanes

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Since their addition to paclitaxel in the oncologists’ armamentarium in the early 1990s, several new taxane formulations have been developed. Besides docetaxel and nab-paclitaxel, new analogs with better therapeutic profiles are being investigated. The goals of this next generation of taxanes are to improve the toxicity profile and efficacy, and to overcome resistance patterns. Several new taxanes, including cabazitaxel, paclitaxel poliglumex, paclitaxel+endotag, and polymeric-micellar paclitaxel, have shown clinical efficacy. These chemotherapeutics are part of many ongoing phase II and III studies on various cancer types. In addition, there are immunotoxins that link key antibodies to mitotic spindle inhibitors (trastuzumab emtansine and brentuximab vedotin). Through this mechanism, novel formulations increase cytotoxicity, improve specificity, and create possibilities for drug enhancement.

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