miR-340 alleviates chemoresistance of osteosarcoma cells by targeting ZEB1

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Chemoresistance during treatment of osteosarcoma (OS) is attracting more and more attention as the main clinical obstacle. The purpose of this study was to elucidate the role of miR-340 in chemoresistance of OS. Plasmid construction and transfection, miRNA arrays, PCR analyses, and western blot analysis, as well as MTT, apoptosis, and luciferase assays were carried out in MG-63 cells and MG-63/cisplatin (DDP)-resistant cells. The results showed that miR-340 was downregulated in OS tissues and drug-resistant OS cells. Moreover, a negative correlation was observed between miR-340 and ZEB1 expression in OS tissues. Forced expression of miR-340 in drug-resistant OS cells significantly reduced multidrug resistance-1 and P-gp expression. Overexpression of miR-340 enhanced sensitivity to DDP by inhibiting viability and promoting apoptosis. The luciferase assay and western blot analysis identified ZEB1 as a direct target of miR-340, and miR-340 negatively regulated ZEB1 expression. Ectopic expression of ZEB1 reversed the effects of miR-340 on P-gp expression, cell viability, and apoptosis. miR-340 alleviated chemoresistance of OS cells by targeting ZEB1. Our results indicate that targeting miR-340 may be a potential therapeutic approach to treat drug-resistant OS.

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