Data base and management system for clinical positron emission tomography (PET) studies

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A data base and management system connected to an image analysis system has been developed and utilized for clinical positron emission tomography (PET). This data base system, 1) is based on “GBASE”, a general purpose data base, which runs on a UNIX work station, 2) works on a network file system and is connected to PET cameras and other data acquisition devices as well as to an image analysis system “Dr. View”, 3) centrally manages the data stored in a data storage unit, 4) is easily modifiable and expandable, and 5) has a human friendly interface which requires minimum operation for registration, retrieval and management. We have been using this system to handle clinical PET data for seven years and have optimized the data base schema. As a result, this system has become a truly practical tool for the daily operation and is well-received by technologists, nuclear physicians and attending physicians.

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