Epidemiology and demographics of prostatitis
The 2001 Giessen Cohort Study on patients with prostatitis syndrome – an evaluation of inflammatory status and search for microorganisms 10 years after a first analysis
Chlamydial and ureaplasmal infections in patients with nonbacterial chronic prostatitis
Seminal fluid analysis in chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome*
The limit of leucocytospermia from the microbiological viewpoint
Cellular and biochemical markers in semen indicating male accessory gland inflammation
Urogenital infection and sperm motility
Morphological sperm alternations in different types of prostatitis
Immunological alterations in the ejaculate of chronic prostatitis patients
Male accessory gland infection
Seminal oxidative stress in patients with chronic prostatitis
Urogenital inflammation
Acrosome reaction in Chlamydia-positive and negative patients
Aetiology of haemospermia
Inflammatory-associated obstructions of the male reproductive tract
Chronic prostatitis and male accessory gland infection – is there an impact on male infertility (diagnosis and therapy)?
Antibiotic therapy – rationale and evidence for optimal drug concentrations in prostatic and seminal fluid and in prostatic tissue