Experimental varicocele in the rat
Influence of cigarette smoking on spermatozoa via seminal plasma
Influence of motility and vitality in intracytoplasmic sperm injection with ejaculated and testicular sperm
Relationship of interleukin-6 with semen characteristics and oxidative stress in vasectomy reversal patients
Inhibition of the acrosome reaction (AR) and fertilization capacity of mouse spermatozoa by norethisterone A-ring reduced metabolite (5α-NET)
History of the term ‘andrology’
Odorant receptor (hOR17-4) mediating human sperm chemotaxis
Differentiation and apoptosis of immature rat germ cells in vitro
Role of estrogen in the boar testis as deduced from the expression of estrogen receptors and cytochrome P450 aromatase
Pharmacology and signal transduction of kinin receptors in rat testis peritubular cells
Cell-cell interactions during mammalian fertilization
Expression of PMCA isoforms in bull sexual organs
Extracellular matrix proteins and pregnancy
Embryonic gene expression in human amniotic epithelial cells
Relevance of platelet-activating factor in bovine placenta
Physiological and proteomic approaches in the study of pre-fertilization events
Search for factors involved in post- meiotic chromatin remodelling during spermatogenesis
DNA methylation of imprinted genes during spermatogenesis
Murine model of antisperm antibody binding to the specific sperm antigens
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