Molecular biology of sperm–egg interactions
Epididymial defensins and sperm maturation
Structure and function of secretory proteins of the male genital tract
The impact of oxidants on sperm function
A Sertoli cell-specific knock-out of the androgen receptor
Molecular biology of the androgen responses
Co-activator and co-repressor interplay on the human androgen receptor
Androgens and pharmacology
The androgen receptor CAG repeat polymorphism
Testicular dysgenesis and fertility
Y chromosome and male infertility
Testicular cancer and molecular genetics
Pathomechanism of autoimmune orchitis
Transcription factors governing male fertility
The PDZ domain protein MUPP1 is expressed in spermatozoa of vertebrates
Progesterone at the picomolar range is a chemoattractant for mammalian spermatozoa
Eleven new mutations in androgen receptor gene
Post-translational regulation of androgen receptor activity
Secretoglobin 2A1 is under selective androgen control mediated by a peculiar binding site for Sp family transcription factors
In vitro morphogenesis of seminiferous tubules
Mouse testicular germ cells and Sertoli cells use alternative polyadenylation signals of Krüppel-like Factor 4 in a cell-specific pattern
Identification of immunodominant autoantigens in rat autoimmune orchitis
In-vivo effects of histone deacetylase inhibitor trichostatin-A on murine spermatogenesis
Expression of the progesterone receptor (PR) in canine testis
Detection of microdeletions gr/gr, b1/b3 and b2/b3 of the AZFc region in human Y chromosome
Studies on BOULE protein function applying an in vitro cell culture system
Effects of a Sertoli cell-specific knockout of the connexin43 gene on the regulation of spermatogenesis in transgenic mice using the Cre/loxP-recombination sytem
Expression of ZO-1, ZO-2 and ZO-3 in human testis with normal spermatogenesis and CIS
Peroxisomes in Sertoli cells are enriched in peroxisomal ABC-transporters for distinct lipids (ABCD1, ABCD3) suggestive of an important role in Sertoli cell lipid metabolism
Effect of xenoestrogens on primary rat Sertoli cell functions
Influence of xenoestrogens on rat Leydig cell functions
Regulation of mGPDH gene expression in male germ cells
Alternative splicing of TGF-betas and their high-affinity receptors TβRI, TβRII and TβRIII (betaglycan) reveals new variants in testicular cells
Expression of the Insl3/LGR8 hormone receptor system in the testis
Functional characterization of mutations in human insulin-like 3 hormone receptor
Sperm chemotactic activity induced by the oocyte-cumulus complex in the rabbit
Identification of post-translational modified VDAC isoforms in bovine spermatozoa
Application of the patch clamp technique in the electrophysiological study of bovine spermatozoa
Proteomic analysis of spermatozoa from asthenozoospermic and normozoospermic patients
Capacitation and acrosome reaction in non-apoptotic human spermatozoa
Identification of apoptotic markers in human ejaculate sperm
Difference in nuclear DNA fragmentation in sperm before and after high-speed centrifugation
Comparison of semen parameters and two sperm chromatin structure assay (SCSA) tests for routine diagnostic evaluation of male factor infertility
Sperm ubiquitination as a function test correlates with semen parameters
Phthalate metabolite exposure and human semen parameters
Significant impact of 5α-reductase type 2 polymorphisms on sperm concentration and motility
Identification of a dendritic cell population in normal testis and in chronically inflamed testis of rats with autoimmune orchitis
Age-related changes in seminal PMN-elastase in men with asymptomatic inflammation of the genital tract
Enhanced Toll-like receptor 4 expression in testicular macrophages following infection with uropathogenic Escherischia coli is mediated by increased p38 activation
Cysteine-rich secretory protein 4 (Crisp4)
Suggestion of dual function of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) in the bovine epididymis
Ribosomal protein S19 interacts with macrophage migration inhibitory factor and attenuates its pro-inflammatory function
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor does not influence enhancement of androgen receptor activity by Jab1
Male infertility and androgen receptor gene mutations
Molecular analysis of the androgen receptor gene in testicular cancer
Androgen receptor CAG repeat modifies the effects of persistent organohalogen pollutants on reproductive parameters
Androgens and the blood/brain barrier
The validity of androgen assays
PSA monitoring during testosterone replacement therapy
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