Reversible antifertility effect of aqueous leaf extract of Allamanda cathartica L. in male laboratory mice
Alterations in semen parameters of toll collectors working at motorways
Tropaeolum tuberosum (Mashua) reduces testicular function
Identification of a new human Smad6 splice variant
Seminal plasma stimulates cytokine production in endometrial epithelial cell cultures independently of the presence of leucocytes
Variations in creatine kinase activity and reactive oxygen species levels are involved in capacitation of bovine spermatozoa
Morphology training is compulsory to ensure relevant clinical results
Sperm disomy in idiopathic severely oligoasthenoteratozoospermic males
Association between lower urinary tract symptoms and sexual dysfunction in Taiwanese men
Follicle-stimulating hormone receptor polymorphism and seminal anti-Müllerian hormone in fertile and infertile men
C-reactive protein levels and ageing male symptoms in hypogonadal men treated with testosterone supplementation
Penile and scrotal involvement in Buerger's disease
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