Cardiovascular diseases and erectile dysfunction
The application of digital pulse amplitude tonometry to the diagnostic investigation of endothelial dysfunction in men with erectile dysfunction
Clinical, laboratory and genetic assessment of patients with congenital bilateral absent vas deferens
Accumulation of mercury and its effects on testicular functions in rats intoxicated orally by methylmercury
The most commonly altered type of Peyronie's disease deformity under oral colchicine treatment is lateral curvature that mostly shifts to the dorsal side
Aquaporin-9 immunohistochemistry in varicocele testes as a consequence of hypoxia in the sperm production site
Effect of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation on semen profile and enzymatic anti-oxidant capacity of seminal plasma in infertile men with idiopathic oligoasthenoteratospermia
IVF outcome with cryopreserved testicular sperm
Assessment of possible effects for testosterone replacement therapy in men with symptomatic late-onset hypogonadism
Immunohistochemical expression of cyclin A in testicular biopsies of fertile and infertile men
Priapism in the newborn
Heparin and prednisone-associated priapism
Bilateral abdominal cryptorchidism with large left testicular seminoma and failed right urogenital union
Reciprocal balanced translocation
Recognising the Sertoli-cell-only (SCO) syndrome
Re: May Chlamydia trachomatis be an aetiological agent of chronic prostatitis infection?. Chronic prostatitis due to
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