Protection of spermatogenesis against gamma ray-induced damage by granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in mice
Oestrogen receptors in the developing rat prostate
Effects of co-administration of dopamine and vitamin C on ischaemia-reperfusion injury after experimental testicular torsion-detorsion in rats
Proteasome activity and proteasome subunit transcripts in human spermatozoa separated by a discontinuous Percoll gradient
Participation of the sperm proteasome during in vitro fertilisation and the acrosome reaction in cattle
Impact of body mass index on seminal oxidative stress
Comparison of spermatogenic damage induced at 6 months after ligation of the vas deferens at proximal and distal locations in the rabbit
Effect of the ethanolic extract from Fagara tessmannii on testicular function, sex reproductive organs and hormone level in adult male rats
Severe oligospermia associated with a unique balanced reciprocal translocation t(6;12)(q23;q24.3)
Management of supernumerary testis in an adult
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