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Predomination of IL‐17‐producing tryptase‐positive/chymase‐positive mast cells in azoospermic chronic testicular inflammation
A study on the association between serum amyloid A and sperm concentration
Age‐stratified cut‐off points for the nocturnal penile tumescence measurement using Nocturnal Electrobioimpedance Volumetric Assessment (NEVA®) in sexually active healthy men
The efficacy, bioavailability and safety of a novel hydroalcoholic testosterone gel 2% in hypogonadal men
Association between seminal plasma zinc level and asthenozoospermia
Clinical significance of subclinical varicocelectomy in male infertility
Standardisation of a novel sperm banking kit – NextGen® – to preserve sperm parameters during shipment
Neutral alpha‐1,4‐glucosidase and fructose levels contribute to discriminating obstructive and nonobstructive azoospermia in Chinese men with azoospermia
Protective effects of udenafil citrate, piracetam and dexmedetomidine treatment on testicular torsion/detorsion‐induced ischaemia/reperfusion injury in rats
Beneficial effects of aminoguanidine on radiotherapy‐induced kidney and testis injury
Proteomic identification of sperm antigens using serum samples from individuals with and without antisperm antibodies
mTOR expression in human testicular seminoma
Maternal and infant characteristics influencing the anogenital distance and penile length in newborns
Investigation of the effect of traditional Chinese medicine on pain and inflammation in chronic nonbacterial prostatitis in rats
Determination of fatty acid profile in ram spermatozoa and seminal plasma