A case of hypopituitarism accompanying Kearns–Sayre syndrome treated with human chorionic gonadotropin : A case report and literature review
Characterisation of pomegranate juice effects on human corpus cavernosum
Freezability of water buffalo bull (Bubalus bubalis) spermatozoa is improved with the addition of curcumin (diferuoyl methane) in semen extender
Histological alterations in Leydig cells and macrophages in azoospermic men
Headless spermatozoa in infertile men
Programmable fast‐freezing method improves the post‐thaw motion dynamics, integrities of plasmalemma, mitochondrial transmembrane, DNA and, acrosome, and in vivo fertility of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) spermatozoa
Lactational exposure of polychlorinated biphenyls downregulates critical genes in Leydig cells of F1 male progeny (PND21)
The influence of testicular microlithiasis on the outcomes of in vitro fertilisation in a Chinese Han population
Effect of rutin on diabetic‐induced erectile dysfunction : Possible involvement of testicular biomarkers in male rats
Porcine sperm vitrification II : Spheres method
Does detection of DDX4 mRNA in cell‐free seminal plasma represents a reliable noninvasive germ cell marker in patients with nonobstructive azoospermia?
Equivalent seminal characteristics in human and stallion at first and second ejaculated fractions
Attenuation of the cyproterone acetate‐induced testicular hypofunction by a novel nutraceutical lycopene : a genomic approach
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Effects of treatment with Hypoxis hemerocallidea extract on sexual behaviour and reproductive parameters in male rats
Hormonal treatment with transdermal testosterone in patients with male accessory gland inflammation (MAGI) : Effects on sperm parameters
Ameliorating effects of fennel and cumin extracts on sperm quality and spermatogenic cells apoptosis by inducing weight loss and reducing leptin concentration in diet‐induced obese rats