Imaging of the male reproductive tract: towards standardization
Genetic testing: the new EAA/EMQN Guidelines for AZF deletions
Genetic testing: karyotype anomalies and sperm FISH analysis
Pre-ART standard diagnostic work up of: the azoospermic man
Pre-ART standard diagnostic work up of: the oligozoospermic man
Standard diagnostic work up in erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction
Testicular cancer: fate or bad luck
Sex differentation and the brain: relation to gender identity, sexual orientation
Hormonal treatment in gender dysphoria
Long term outcome of gender dysphoria
From the epydidimis to the egg
PDE5i or testosterone: which is the first in andrological clinical practice
A new view on lifelong premature ejaculation: erectio praecox, ejaculatio praecox and detumescentia praecox
Associations between prostate pathologies and sexual dysfunction
Benign Prostatic hyperplasia: a new metabolic syndrome-related disease
Face to face on prostate cancer screening: PSA vs. novel biomarkers
Face to face on prostate cancer screening: PSA vs. novel biomarkers
Vitamin D and male reproduction
Testis versus bone
Hormone suppression with GnRH antagonist promotes spermatogenic recovery from transplanted spermatogonial stem cells in irradiated cynomolgus monkeys
The bright side of the aging male gamete: the telomere length
Imaging of the male genital tract, 2014 update
Profiling human sperm: from functional studies to omics analyses, and back again
Intra-testicular cellular dynamics and regulation of Leydig cell function
Abuse of androgens
The vulnerable uremic man - role of hypogonadism
Pharmacogenetics in male infertility: what about personalised FSH-treatment in 2014?
The headache of analgesics during pregnancy and the fetal reproductive system: how and why
Common drug intake and human spermatogenesis
Late consequences of childhood and adolescence cancer treatment
The sperm epigenome
Sperm nuclear proteome and its epigenetic potential
Spermatogonial stem cell preservation and transplantation anno 2014: what every clinician should know
Mutations in an X-linked gene are a common cause of meiotic arrest and azoospermia
Differential effects of perinatal, prepubertal or conception to adulthood exposures to a low dose mixture of genistein and vinclozolin on the genital tract and testicular gene expression in the exposed generation and the unexposed progeny
Evaluation of intratesticular perfusion by color-coded duplex sonography (CCDS) in TESE-patients with azoospermia: a prospective study
Association between endogenous testosterone (T) levels, sexual dysfunction and PDE-5 inhibitor (PDE5i) use in the registry of hypogonadism in men (RHYME)
Characterization and kinetic of the human spermatogonial compartment
Investigation on the origin of sperm DNA fragmentation: role of apoptosis, immaturity and oxidative stress
Routine use of flow cytometry for counting human spermatozoa and round cells: lessons from a 5-year experience representing more than 20 000 analyzes
Influences of age, days of abstinence, and BMI on results of semen analysis from Swedish men of sub-fertile couples
Glycation Adducts in sperm and activin regulation of inflammation induced by diabetes
Sperm DNA damages after chemotherapy or radiotherapy for testicular cancer
Prenatal phthalate exposure and reproductive indices in adolescent males
Does reproductive tract inflammation mediate reproductive dysfunction in males with the metabolic syndrome?
Serum Delta4 pathway steroids profiling by isotopic dilution-liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (ID-LC-MS/MS) after human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) stimulation in men with Klinefelter's syndrome (KS) and in eugonadic controls (EC)
Inhibin B as a marker of success after varicocelectomy in severe oligospermia
Motile sperm count, DNA fragmentation, and mitochondrial membrane potential are not useful in predicting intrauterine insemination for mixed indications: a prospective study
Subcapsular orchiectomy as an alternative method for identification and isolation of testicular sperm from men with Klinefelter's syndrome
Gene expression analysis of human sperm needs differential normalizers
Evaluation of testicular biopsies from infertile men: correlations between histopathology, protamine mRNA expression, and sperm retrieval
Novel proteomic biomarkers of androgen deficiency from seminal plasma profiling using high-resolution mass spectrometry
Testosterone supplementation and sexual function: a meta-analysis study
High-resolution profiling of novel transcriptional events during human spermatogenesis
Why are some human sperm immotile? A differential proteomics approach
Expression of functional histamine H4 receptors in murine and human Leydig tumor cells
Differential activation of inflammatory pathways in testicular macrophages provides a rationale for their subdued inflammatory capacity
X chromosome-linked CNVs in male infertility: discovery of overall duplication load and recurrent, patient-specific gains with potential clinical relevance
Impairment of DAZ-AZFc gene expression in postmeiotic human male germ cells of men with severe hypospermatogenesis
Development of secondary hypogonadism in aging men: risk factors and clinical picture: longitudinal results from the European Male Aging Study (EMAS)
Mechanism of estrogen- or anti androgen-induced penile maldevelopment
Tadalafil ameliorates metabolic syndrome-induced alterations in visceral adipose tissue and liver: an experimental study in the rabbit
Sub-albuginean adipocyte accumulation is associated with erectile dysfunction: first clinical evidence and pathophysiological implications
Penile enlargement and augmentation: 411 cases
Effects of long-term testosterone treatment in obese hypogonadal men with and without type 2 diabetes
Testosterone and cardiovascular risk: what is the evidence?
Erectile Dysfunction as a cardiovascular risk marker and predictor of poor quality of life
A potential tumour suppressor role of polymerase-1 and transcript release factor (PTRF) in prostate cancer
Effect of aqueous cissampelos capensis extract on the prostate cancer cell line LNCaP
The influence of selected immunosuppressants on the rat prostate
Effect of eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) on the prostate cancer cell line LNCaP
Hypogonadism in testicular cancer patients associated with risk factors of atherosclerosis
Semen parameters in cancer patients before cytotoxic treatment
Can effective routine HPV screen in men be possible?
The transrectal ultrasonography of prostate in men with congenital hypogonadism treated by long term testosterone replacement therapy
Prevalence of testicular carcinoma in situ in Chile: research in high-risk population
Oestrogens in men: a misty in the male biochemical universe
The role of magnetic resonance imaging in the identification of Leydig cell tumors of the testis: a large cohort prospective study
Elastosonography of the testis in the differential diagnosis of scrotal lesions: a qualitative and quantitative study
Evaluation of oxidative stress parameters in patients with prostate carcinoma treated with radiotherapy and androgen deprivation therapy
Feasibility of testicular tissue preservation in pre- and post-pubertal boys
Testicular cancer awareness: does the gender makes difference?
Mutations in DNAH1, which encodes an inner arm heavy chain dynein, lead to male infertility from multiple morphological abnormalities of the sperm flagella
The distribution of FSH and FSHR related polymorphisms in Danish testicular cancer patients (preliminary results)
‘Breaking’ news from spermatids
Testicular MicroRNA profiling in infertile patients with spermatogenic impairment
Aberrant sperm DNA methylation patterns in unexplained infertility
Analysis of meiotic segregation, sperm DNA fragmentation and screening for DPY19L2 gene in Tunisian globozoospermic patients
Idiopathic recurrent miscarriage (RM): spermatic DNA anomalies
AZF midrodeletions screening in infertile men of the Portuguese population
Genome-wide association study reveals two new susceptibility loci for testicular germ cell tumor
PGS by array-CGH increases embryo implantation rate in patients with pathological sperm fish
New insights into the function of sperm retained histones
A quantitative-PCR assay for the screening of DPY19L2 copy number variations (CNVs) in patients with globozoospermia
Clinical and genetic features of a large cohort of patients with congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
Further insights into the phenotypic expression of T222P variant of RXFP2 gene
A case of 46,XY disorder of sex development diagnosed prenatally
Comprehensive study of three cases of macrozoospermia caused by AURKC mutatios
The effects of hydro-alcoholic extract of fennel ( Foeniculum vulgare L.) seed on structure of testis in male rats
Role of NLRP3 in an experimental model of testicular ischemia and reperfusion in mice
Regulation of adherens junction dynamics in the rat testis: an in vivo study using an androgen withdrawal model
Broad actions of vitamin D in human testicular cells
Human sperm removal by leukocytes: preliminary microscopic analysis
ER stress is involved in metabolic syndrome-induced male infertility
VASA mRNA detection in contrast to immunochemistry with a poly- and monoclonal antibody is specific for germ cells in the male urogenital tract
Hormonal modulation of androgen receptor density in developing testes vs. initiation of spermatogenesis
The roles of ERp57 and surface thiol/disulphide exchange in spermatozoa-zona pellucida binding
Soy isoflavones and oxidoreductive balance in rat's epididymis
Effect of semen selection on DNA fragmentation in total and live sperm population
Sperm characteristics in an animal model of metabolic syndrome
Effect of varicocelectomy on sperm DNA fragmentation and sperm quality
Association between body mass index and reproductive characteristics in men with unknown fertility status
In vitro sperm production from prepubertal testis in mice: fresh, slow freezed and vitrified tissues
In experimental epididymo-orchitis uropathogenic E. Coli determine damage by controlling host cell death pathways
Antioxidative potential of zinc in infertile patients with leukocytospermia
The effects of soybean phosphatidylcholine supplement on human sperm progressive motility: a pilot study
In vitro effect of zinc on total antioxidant status and lipid peroxidation of ejaculated human spermatozoa
Tissue analysis and ultra-high resolution for detection of sperms
Sperm telomeres located in fragmented and nonfragmented DNA regions show similar telomere length
Effect of Cissampelos capensis rhizome extract on human spermatozoa in vitro
Cytokines and insulin modulate steroidogenesis in TM3 Leydig cells: implications for metabolic syndrome
Osteocalcin is associated with low testosterone concentrations but not oligo-astheno-teratozoospermia in men with infertility
Mitochondrial activity and reactive oxygen species production define human sperm quality
Environmental levels of bisphenol A, genistein and vinclozolin feminize digit length ratios in male rats: towards a new sensitive indicator of prenatal endocrine disruption and its impact in the progeny
Neo-natal, pre, post-pubertal and adult modifications of the male reproductive axis and testicular gene expression after a continuous dietary exposure to mixtures of endocrine active substances
Considerable correlations between sperm chromatin integrity and sperm specific mRNA transcripts (PRM1, PRM2 & TNP2) in male partner of couples with recurrent pregnancy loss
Catsper calcium channels and human sperm functional parameters
SUMO1 is related with DNA damage in human sperm
EcoFoodFertility - environmental and food impact assessment on male reproductive function (EU research project proposal)
Sperm protamine content and testis histology in a mouse model of intermittent hypoxia
Improvement of sperm quality in hyper viscous semen following DNase I treatment
Method for intracellular detection of infectious pathogens in sperm cells
Contractile cell function and sperm on the move: timelapse imaging
Influence of oxygen tension on human sperm function
Ultrastructure of human sperm cephalic vacuoles
Cytomorphological evaluation of semen analysis in infertile patients with and without varicocele: a case- control study
Seminal Helicobacter pylori treatment improves weak sperm motility in infertile infected men: a pilot study
Blue staining of sperm tail as a marker of epididymal dysfunction in asthenozoospermic infertile men
Evaluation of sperm DNA damage in men from infertile Saudi couples
Androgen receptor gene CAG tract polymorphism in infertile men
Fine structure of Leydig cells in patients with nonobstructive azoospermia
Usefulness of a phenotypic morphologic check-up for diagnosis and treatment of infertile azoospermic men
Analysis of surgical sperm retrieval, pregnancy outcome and waiting times in azoospermic men in a new service provided by IVF clinicians
The virtual slide: a new efficient tool for training and quality control when assessing human sperm morphology
Analitycal characteristics in men with primary (PH), secondary (SH) and late onset (LO) hypogonadism compared to a control group of healthy volunteers (V)
Comprehensive investigation in patients affected by globozoospermia
Correlation of leukocytes and round cells concentration in human semen with semen parameters
Interplay between adrenal and reproductive hormones
Prenatal ethyparaben (EtP) exposure is associated with reduced penile width in 273 boys
Effect of bisphenol A on male reproductive function
A-glucosidase concentrations in seminal plasma of men with asthenospermia: a pilot study
Assessment of chromatin maturity by aniline blue assay in patients with leukocytospermia
Sperm DNA integrity, chromatin condensation and aneuploidy in men with total non syndromic teratospermia
Leydig cell function associated with sperm counts in infertile men
Diagnostic assesment and reproductive treatment of infertile patients with ejaculatory abnormalities
Gonadotropin treatment to induce spermatogenesis and fertility in hypogonadotropic hypogonadism: retrospective survey of a hospital based cohort
Sclerosing sertoli cell tumor in infertile man - a case report
Evaluation of cytostatic therapy effects on the male gamete genome
Testicular biopsies among azoospermic patients: prognostic factors of sperm recovery
Retrospective survey of 182 patients with Klinefelter syndrome in a specialized hospital
How relevant is mumps virus in the etiology of acute orchitis?
Testicular microlithiasis - correlation with TDS (testicular dysgensis syndrome)
FSH therapy in idiopathic oligo-asthenozoospermia
Outcome of electro ejaculation in ‘difficult’ cases
Relationship between meiosis in testicular biopsy and DNA fragmentation, diploidy, and apoptosis on ejaculated sperm
Advanced semen quality analysis by flow cytometry
Magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS) of non-apoptotic spermatozoa
Testicular size at the onset of puberty assessed by orchidometer, ruler and ultrasound: finnish case-control study
Male fertility in Chile: assessment of fertile potential in a high risk population for germinal dysfunction.
Y chrosomosome microdeletions in Chilean infertile men: most comprehensive prevalence study in Latin America
How does hyperestrogenism affect spermatogenesis and testicular functional integrity?
Effect in motility and DNA fragmentation in long term storage of cryopreserved semen
Seminal, ultrasound and psychobiological parameters correlate with metabolic syndrome in male members of infertile couples
Clinical implications of measuring prolactin levels in males of infertile couples
Seminal, clinical and color-doppler ultrasound correlations of prostatitis-like symptoms in males of infertile couples
Metabolic syndrome and prostate abnormalities in male subjects of infertile couples
Dysfunctional Leydig cell treated with low doses of recombinant human chorionic gonadotropin (HCGr)
Prevalence factors that alter the seminal parameters in male patients with recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL)
Dynamic testing with recombinant human chorionic gonadotropin (HCGr) for challenge dysfunctional Leydig cell at male infertility with hypogonadism
Therapy with clomiphene citrate (CC) in patients with multifactorial male infertility selected with CC challenge test
Risk of testicular carcinoma in situ in a cohort of 204 patients with non-obstructive azoospermia
Recurrent pregnancy loss and genomic instability of the male gamete
Factors affecting spermatogenesis upon gonadotropin replacement therapy: a meta-analytic study
Coenzyme Q10 and aspartic acid exert protective effects on oxidative stress and DNA damage in idiopathic asthenozoospermic patients
Detecting sperm DNA fragmentation to discriminate between fertile and infertile men
High prevalence of testosterone deficiency in subfertile men: adverse metabolic consequences
The human sperm proteome changes according to motility characteristics
Effects of percutaneous embolization of clinical varicocele on semen quality
CFTR genotype of genitourinary abnormalities in male patients
Mast cells stabilizer desloratadine in the management of asthenozoospermia associated with elevated MAR-test
Erectil dysfunction management in a primary care center
Differential risk factors for metabolic syndrome in men consulting in urology offices according to the reason to seek care
Relationship between low testosterone levels and metabolic syndrome in men consulting in urology offices: is this an important reason for seeking care?
Hypogonadism, a clinical problem to resolve in patients with chronic pain and opioid treatment
Duration of erection: an objective measure of erectile function showing sensitivity to comorbidities
Early penile rehabilitation with once daily PDE 5 inhibitors in the initial management of peyronie's disease - our initial evaluation
Performance of duplex ultrasound protocol with cavernous injection of alprostadil
Cardiovascular risk associated to testosterone deficiency among men older than 40 years showing interest for a testosterone deficiency syndrome (SDT) awareness campaign: preliminary results
Efficacy of combined therapy of intraurethral prostaglandin E1 and a PDE5 inhibitor for erectile dysfunction treatment
Gynecomastia in subjects with sexual dysfunction
Serum PSA as a predictor of testosterone deficiency
Beneficial effects of long-term testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) with testosterone undecanoate (TU) in hypogonadal men with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in an observational registry study
Weight loss and waist size reduction in 362 hypogonadal men with obesity grades I to III under long-term treatment with testosterone undecanoate (TU): observational data from two registry studies
Improvement of metabolic syndrome (MetS) parameters in 362 obese hypogonadal men upon long-term treatment with testosterone undecanoate (TU) injections: observational data from two registry studies
Does the prevalence of erectile function of heterogeneous outpatients differ?
Does still is a place for paroxetine in the era of dapoxetine
Characteristics of compensated hypogonadism in patients with sexual dysfunction
Low testosterone syndrome protects subjects with high cardiovascular risk burden from major adverse cardiovascular events
Clinical correlates of enlarged prostate size in subjects with sexual dysfunction
Frequency of sexual activity and cardiovascular risk in subjects with erectile dysfunction: cross sectional and longitudinal analyses
Cardiovascular risk associated with testosterone boosting medications: a meta-analysis study
Injectable testosterone undecanoate: a meta-analysis study
Clinical differences between treated and not treated hypogonadal men: results from the SIAMsO-NOI study (Società Italiana Di Andrologia E Medicina Della Sessualità-Osservatorio Nazionale Outcome Ipogonadismo)
Flaccid penile acceleration as a marker of cardiovascular risk in men without classical risk factors
Relationship of testis size and LH levels with incidence of major adverse cardiovascular events in older men with sexual dysfunction
An integrated approach with vardenafil orodispersible (V) and cognitive-behavioral sex therapy (CBST) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED)
Lack of sexual privacy affects psychological and marital domains of male sexual dysfunction
Estrogen mediates metabolic syndrome-induced erectile dysfunction: a study in the rabbit
Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis as a novel player in metabolic syndrome- induced erectile dysfunction: an experimental study in the rabbit
Metformin in vitro and in vivo increases adenosine signalling in rabbit corpora cavernosa
Impaired masturbation induced erections: a new cardiovascular risk factor for male subjects with sexual dysfunction
Low adherence rates to the mediterranean diet are correlated with erectile dysfunction
Plasma testosterone is associated with SCORE in erectile dysfunction patients
Evaluation of female couple of patients with erectile dysfunction
The global online sexuality survey: public perception of female genital cutting among internet users in the Middle East
Sex-related variations of oxidative stress parameters in acquired growth hormone deficiency
Androgens positively regulate NO-mediated relaxant pathway in rat clitoris
Assessment of lipid metabolism disorders in patients with prostatic hyperplasia qualified for surgical treatment
Laparoscopic hysterectomy in male
Erectile dysfunction after surgical treatment of ischaemic priapism
Foreskin surgeries under Local Anesthesia (LA). A survey
Is it feasible to perform vasovasostomies in a secondarylevel hospital?
Penile augmentation using the groin flap
Penile deviation re-visited: shortening-free correction of curvature
Glans augmentation by grafting: Shaeer's technique
Same-session dorsal vein ligation and testing by intracavernous injection prior to penile prosthesis implantation (DVL-ICI-PPI)
Morphometric study of spermatogenesis in the rat after vasectomy via inguinal canal
The use of biomaterial gore acuseal for grafting in the surgical treatment of Peyronie's disease
Delay of surgical treatment of penile fracture results in poor functional outcome: results from a large retrospective multicentric European Study
Surgical keypoints in the simultaneous implant of an inflatable penile prosthesis and a male suburethral sling
Corporal rotation for surgical correction of congenital ventral penile curvature: modifications of the original technique
Venous ligation: a novel strategy for glans enhancement in penile prosthesis implantation
The penile venous occlusion mechanism: evidence derived from the electrocautery effect to the sinusoids on defrosted human cadavers
Veno-occlusive erectile dysfunction in young patients resulting from the ‘Jelqing maneuver’: results of penile venous stripping surgery
Penile implants: new pump system: 100 cases, our experience
Testicular torsion - 25 years experience of a single urology department
Primary penile prostheses implants: analysis of results at an andrology training centre