The need to improve patient care through discriminate use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and improved understanding of spermatozoa, oocyte and embryo biology
Announcing the 2014 Andrology Award
Lessons in Andrology: many paths to success
Designer steroids – over-the-counter supplements and their androgenic component: review of an increasing problem
How to select immotile but viable spermatozoa on the day of intracytoplasmic sperm injection? An embryologist's view
HPV-DNA sperm infection and infertility: from a systematic literature review to a possible clinical management proposal
A mutation study of sperm head shape and motility in the mouse: lessons for the clinic
Comprehensive investigation in patients affected by sperm macrocephaly and globozoospermia
Cross-sectional study of the sperm quality in semen samples from spinal cord injured men after long-term cryopreservation
Successful use of the Cryolock device for cryopreservation of scarce human ejaculate and testicular spermatozoa
The different surrogate measures of adiposity in relation to semen quality and serum reproductive hormone levels among Estonian fertile men
Sperm global DNA methylation level: association with semen parameters and genome integrity
Clinical predictive factors of sildenafil response: a penile hemodynamic study
Proteomic pattern changes associated with obesity-induced asthenozoospermia
Peyronie's disease: urologist's knowledge base and practice patterns
Involvement of seminal leukocytes, reactive oxygen species, and sperm mitochondrial membrane potential in the DNA damage of the human spermatozoa
Evidence from enzymatic and meta-analyses does not support a direct association between USP26 gene variants and male infertility
Semen characteristics and malondialdehyde levels in men with different reproductive problems
Recent trends in testosterone testing, low testosterone levels, and testosterone treatment among Veterans
The gonadotrophic response of Royal Marines during an operational deployment in Afghanistan
Low testosterone is associated with poor health status in men with human immunodeficiency virus infection: a retrospective study
Comparisons of apomorphine-induced erection and spontaneous erection in rats by telemetric assessment of intracavernosal pressure
The activity of paraoxonase type 1 (PON-1) in boar seminal plasma and its relationship with sperm quality, functionality, and in vivo fertility
Roles of extracellular Ca2+ in the occurrence of full-type hyperactivation in boar ejaculated spermatozoa pre-incubated to induce the cAMP-triggered events
A novel acrosomal protein, IQCF1, involved in sperm capacitation and the acrosome reaction
Comparative analysis of boar seminal plasma proteome from different freezability ejaculates and identification of Fibronectin 1 as sperm freezability marker
The Wnt1 ligand/Frizzled 3 receptor system plays a regulatory role in the achievement of the ‘in vitro’ capacitation and subsequent ‘in vitro’ acrosome exocytosis of porcine spermatozoa
Uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) induced antimicrobial gene expression in the male reproductive tract of rat: evaluation of the potential of Defensin 21 to limit infection
Increasing testicular temperature by exposure to elevated ambient temperatures restores spermatogenesis in adult Utp14bjsd mutant ( jsd ) mice
Exploitation of sperm- Escherichia coli interaction at the receptor-ligand level for the development of anti-receptor antibodies as the vaginal contraceptive
Cryotolerance of stallion spermatozoa is related to ROS production and mitochondrial membrane potential rather than to the integrity of sperm nucleus
Icariside II prevents high-glucose-induced injury on human cavernous endothelial cells through Akt-eNOS signaling pathway
European Academy of Andrology Newsletter 1-2015