An ultrasound needle insertion guide in a porcine phantom model

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SummaryWe compared nerve blockade with and without the InfinitiTM needle guide in an ultrasound in-plane porcine simulation. We recruited 30 anaesthetists with varying blockade experience. Using the guide, the needle tip was more visible (for a median (IQR [range]) of 67 (56–100]) % of the time; and invisible for 2 (1–4 [0–19]) s) than when the guide was not used (respectively 23 (13–43 [0–80]) % and 25 (9–52 [1–198]) s; both p < 0.001). The corresponding block times were 8 (6–10 [3–28]) s and 32 (15–67 [5–225]) s, respectively; p < 0.001. The needle guide reduced the block time and the time that the needle was invisible, irrespective of anaesthetist experience.

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