A Round Trip Journey from Anesthesia to Psychiatry Via the Fluorinated Ethers
Ventilatory Requirements After Open-Heart Operations
Fentanyl in Anesthesia
Pulmonary Complication After Cesarean Section-Pulmonary Edema or Aspiration of Gastric Contents
pH and Streptomycin Influences Upon Ionic Calcium in Serum
A Comparison of the Sedative and Cardiorespiratory Effects of Diazepam and Pentazocine For Premedication
Effect of Temperature and Gallamine on Canine Gastrocnemius-Plantaris Muscle Oxygen Consumption
Questions and Answers
Benign Transient Swelling of the Parotid Glands Following General Anesthesia
A Statistical Analysis of the Relationship of Physical Status to Postoperative Mortality in 68,388 Cases
Every Careless Word That Men Utter
A Safety Valve for the Pneumatic Tourniquet
Neuroanesthetic Adjuncts For Surgery in the Sitting Position
Neuroanesthetic Adjuncts For Surgery in the Sitting Position
We Salute….
Sudden Cessation of Cardiac Output During Spinal Fusion
Historical Note
The Effect of Beta-Adrenergic Blockade on the Cardiopulmonary Response to Ketamine
Halothane Anesthesia in Miniature Swine*
The Effects in Rats of Increasing Intensity of Ultrasonic Nebulization of Water
Dissociative Anesthesia With Ketamine
How to Read the Drug Literature—or Any Other Organized Collection of Numbers From Experiments
Rapid Induction/Intubation for Prevention of Gastric-Content Aspiration
End-Tidal and Arterial Gas Tension Levels in Postanesthetic Respiratory Depression
New Trends in Intraoperative Blood Replacement
“Locality” Rule Followed
Laurette Van Varsveld McMechan
Tributes to Mrs. Laurette McMechan
Inhalation Anesthesia and Remote Monitoring During Radiotherapy for Children
Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular Effects of d-Tubocurarine in Man
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