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Alveolar Surface Activity Following Mechanical Endotracheal Ventilation With High-Density Water Mist
Ketamine Failure in Acute Brain Injury
Capuride Versus Methyprylon and Placebo in Treating Sleeplessness Due to Presurgical Anxiety
Aseptic Meningitis Following Spinal Anesthesia
The Effect of a Preanesthetic Interview on the Operative Use of Thiopental Sodium
Neuroanesthetic Adjuncts for Surgery in the Sitting Position
Anesthesia for the Asthmatic Patient
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Anesthetic Morbidity in the Traumatized Patient
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Comparative Effects of Local Anesthetic Agents on Temperature Changes in Lower Extremities of Parturients With Caudal Anesthesia
Studies With Myfadol, A New Analgesic Agent
Effects of Speed and Direction of Injection on the Level and Duration of Spinal Anesthesia
Safe Use of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization in Hospitals
A “Stereostethoscope” for Continuous Simultaneous Auscultation of Both Lungs During Anesthesia
A Postanesthetic Recovery Score
The Bier Block for Intravenous Regional Anesthesia
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Myocardial Metabolism in Adults With Heart Disease
Failure of Propranolol to Antagonize Halothane Depression of the Uterus
The Sterilization of Anesthesia Equipment by Ethylene Oxide
A Three-Year Anesthesiology Preceptorship for the Medical Student
Anesthesia With Ketamine
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Respiratory Failure Treated With the Membrane Oxygenator in the Hyperbaric Chamber. Part II
Local Anesthetic Drug-Induced Seizures in Rhesus Monkeys
Acute Anesthetic and Obstetric Management of Patients With Severe Abruptio Placentae
Catheter Subarachnoid Block for Labor and Delivery
Simultaneous Systemic and Hepatic Hemodynamic Measurements During High Spinal Anesthesia in Normal Man
Ketamine as the Sole Anesthetic in Open-Heart Surgery
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