IN THE NEXT ISSUE Science Articles July–Aug., 1971
A Guide for Authors
Serum Levels of Thyroxine in Man During Spinal Anesthesia and Surgery
A Method for Anchoring Oral Endotracheal Tubes During Pediatric Anesthesia
Modification of the Bird Mark 4 Anesthesia Ventilator to a Controlled-Volume Respirator
Analysis of Anesthetic-Related Morbidity in Human Recipients of Renal Homografts
The Established, The Aspirant and Editorial Democracy
The Effect of Halothane on the Electroencephalogram of the Cat
Problems in Anesthetic and Airway Management With Gardner's Syndrome—Report of a Case
Total Spinal Anesthesia Following Lumbar Paravertebral Block
Effects of Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation on Arterial Blood Gases
Questions and Answers
Resistance Factors in Pediatric Endotracheal Tubes and Connectors
Succinylcholine-lnduced Cardiac Arrhythmias
Re-Evaluation of Relationships of Hyperkalemia and Pco2 to Cardiac Arrhythmias During Mechanical Ventilation
We Salute….
Fluid Management of the Pediatric Surgical Patient
Thoughts About Medical Writing
Exacerbation of Subclinical Myasthenia By Occupational Exposure to an Anesthetic
Clinical Study of Droperidol in the Prevention of the Side Effects of Ketamine Anesthesia
The Physician & The Law
Computerized Evaluation of Psychic Effects of Ketamine
Outpatient Pediatric Anesthesiology
Clinical Electroanesthesia With Several Methods of Current Application
Inflatable Plastic Bags for Positioning Patients for Conduction Anesthesia
Use of Ketamine in an Asthmatic Child
Where Did “The Chief” Go?
The Effect of Nitrous Oxide, Halothane, and Ethrane on Hemoglobin Function
Circulatory Collapse Following Succinycholine
45th Congressc An Outstanding Success
Effects of Ketamine on Canine Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
A Clinical Appraisal of the Use of Ketamine Hydrochloride in the Aged
Analgesic Effects of Ketamine Administered in Subdissociative Doses
Ketamine, Diazepam, and Innovar®
An Investigation of Possible Immunosuppression from Ketamine and 100 Percent Oxygen in Normal Children
Ketamine Symposium - Comments by Moderator
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