Continuous Lumbar Peridural Anesthesia in Obstetrics VII
Comparison of Automated Doppler Ultrasound and Korotkoff Measurements of Blood Pressure of Children
Hemodynamic Responses to Doxapram in Normovolemic and Hypovolemic Dogs
Thoughts About Medical Writing
Fetal and Maternal Effects of Bicarbonate Administration During Labor
Computer Analysis of Respiratory Data
Adrenocortical Function Related to Thiopental-Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Anesthesia and Surgery in Man
Glycopyrrolate as a Substitute for Atropine
The Effect of Alpha-Adrenergic Blockade on the Cardiopulmonary Response to Ketamine
Effects of Innovar® and Innovar Plus Nitrous Oxide on Muscle Tone and “H” Reflex
An Electrophysiologic Evaluation of the Spinal Fluid Exchange Technic in Diminishing Spinal Anesthesia
We Salute …
Controlled Comparison of Amitriptyline and Meperidine as Preanesthetic Treatment
Evaluation of POR-8 (Ornithine8-Vasopressin) as a Local Vasoconstrictor During Halothane Anesthesia
A Triple Crossover, Partly Blind Comparison of the Performance and the Effect on CNS Function of Three Hand-Held Methoxyflurane Inhalers
Effect of Nitrous Oxide on the Pulmonary Circulation During Venous Air Embolism
Urinary Bladder Distention
Pancuronium Bromide
Cardiovascular Effects of Pancuronium Bromide
Initial Experience During the Clinical Use of Pancuronium Bromide
Audience Participation
Questions and Answers
The Effect of Injected Chloroform on Renal Hypertension
It's Not How You Play The Game—It's Your Form That Counts
Penetration of Local Anesthetics Through Epithelial Barriers
A Simple Aid to Monitoring Muscular Relaxation
Prevention of Contamination of the Circle System and Ventilators With A New Disposable Filter
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Legal and Medical Death - Kansas Takes the First Step
Clinical Syndrome of Incomplete Neuromuscular Block Reversal
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Clinical Aspects of the Various Forms of Nonmedical Use of Drugs Part I