A Philosophy of Relaxation
Clinical Study of Pancuronium as Muscle Relaxant in Anesthesia
Normal Anatomy of the Human Cardiac Conduction System
A Technic for Quantitative Assessment of Myoneural Block
Ketamine and In-Vitro Lymphocyte Transformation
Hypokalemia During Anesthesia
Blood Transfusion Refused on Religious Grounds
The Doppler
Dosage/Side-Effect Relationships of Morphine and Meperidine
Factors Influencing the Level of 2,3-DPG During Anesthesia and Operation
Do Maternally Administered Neuromuscular Blocking Agents Interfere With Fetal Neuromuscular Transmission?
A Modified Straight Laryngoscope Blade Designed to Facilitate Endotracheal Intubation
Neonatal Tetany During Anesthesia
Outpatient Anesthesia for Pediatric Ophthalmology
Total Blood Washout for Reye's Syndrome
Effect of Ventilatory Patterns On Arterial Oxygenation After Near-Drowning With Fresh Water
Analgetic Activities of Etoxadrol in the Rhesus Monkey and in Mice
Predesign Investigation of the Anesthesia Operational Environment
A Simple Suction Device for “Crash” Inductions
A Simple Way to Vent Anesthetic Gases
Red-Cell 2,3-Diphosphoglycerate in Surgical Correction of Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease
A New Anesthetic Machine and Technic With Particular Application to Developing Areas
Retention of Anesthetic Agents Following Occupational Exposure
Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy Using General Anesthesia
The Effect of Distribution of Increased Cardiac Output on the Pulmonary Exchange of Halothane, Nitrous Oxide, and Methoxyflurane
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A New Circuit Injection Technic for Syringe-Measured Administration of Methoxyflurane
Clinical Effects of Respiratory Stimulation With Doxapram Hydrochloride During Neuroleptanalgesia for Bronchoscopy
Questions and Answers
Placental Transmission and Maternal and Neonatal Elimination of Fluroxene
The Effect of Renal Failure and Hyperkalemia on the Duration of Pancuronium Neuromuscular Blockade in Man
Thoughts About Medical Writing
Lymphocyte Transformation Test, Reaginic and Complement Fixing Antibodies in Guinea Pigs Sensitized to a Metabolite of Halothane and Fluroxene
Indirect Blood-Pressure Measurement in Infants
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