Cross-Infection and the Anesthesiologist
A Comparison Between Pancuronium and Tubocurarine Administration in Injured Men
An Electron Microscopic Study of Normal and Chronically Denervated Rat Skeletal Muscle Following Succinylcholine Challenge
A Comparison of Intraoperative Measurements of Coagulation
Guest Discussion
Fat Embolism and the Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome
The Role of the Somatosensory System in General Electroanesthesia
The Use of Hemodilution and Fresh Autologous Blood in Open-Heart Surgery
Guest Discussion
Clinical Experience With Pancuronium Bromide in Children
Historical VIGNETTES
A Double-Blind Study of Bupivacaine and Etidocaine For Epidural (Peridural) Block
Teaching Anesthesia Motor Skills by Review of Videotaped Performances
“Silent” Regurgitation During General Anesthesia
The Role of Baroreceptors in the Cardiovascular Response to Ketamine
Technics for Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy in Anesthesia
Guest Discussion
Questions and Answers
Observations on the Changing Face of Heroin Addiction in a San Francisco Clinic Population
Interactions of Gallamine and Pancuronium With Tubocurarine Under Morphine-Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Anesthesia in Man
Trichloroethylene Anesthesia Re-evaluated
Prehospital Life-Support Systems in Traumatic and Cardiac Emergencies
Subarachnoid Methylprednisolone For Relief of Sciatic Pain Secondary to Space-Occupying Lesion
Medical Education of Foreign Physicians in the United States
Guest Discussion
The Doctor's Duty of Disclosure
Guest Discussion
The Physician & The Law
Deep Hypothermia and Diethyl Ether Anesthesia For Open-Heart Surgery in infants
Effects of Surface-Induced Deep Hypothermia, Diethyl-Ether Anesthesia, and Respiratory Alkalosis On Myocardial Metabolism Following Total Circulatory Arrest in Dogs
Tissue Uptake and Excretion of Nitrous Oxide in Pediatric Anesthesia
Guest Discussion
Thoughts About Medical Writing
The Role of Recumbency in the Prevention and Treatment of Postspinal Headache
Jet Ventilation for Microlaryngoscopic Procedures
We Salute
Oxygen Availability in the Temporal Lobe in Man During Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen-Thiopental Anesthesia
Guest Discussion
Case History Number 80
Lack of Thiopental Effect on the Oxyhemoglobin-Dissociation Curve
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