Evaluation in the Continuum of Medical Education–The GAP Report Revisited Thirteenth Annual Baxter-Travenol Lecture
Stellate Ganglion Block
Propranolol and Cardiac Surgery
Technic of Medullary Narcosis*
The Effects of Ketamine on Cardiovascular Dynamics During Halothane and Enflurane Anesthesia
Uneven Epidural Analgesia–Early Diagnosis and Correction
We Salute
The Surface Tension of Upper Airway Secretions in Patients With and Without Respiratory Disease
Reversal of Lorazepam Delirium by Physostigmine
Awareness, Dreams, and Hallucinations Associated with General Anesthesia
Guest Discussion
Management of Epiglottitis in Children
Thoughts About Medical Writing XXXI. The Letter-to-the-Editor
Behavioral Consequences in Rats from Chronic Exposure to 10 PPM Halothane During Early Development
Regional Analgesia Following Epidural Blood Patch
Questions and Answers
Relation of Anesthesia to Total Hip Replacement and Control of Operative Blood Loss
Train-of-4 Quantitation of Competitive Neuromuscular Block
Comparative Effects of Dextroamphetamine and Reserpine on Halothane and Cyclopropane Anesthetic Requirements
The Role of Profound Hypothermia in Infants Undergoing Surgical Correction of Complicated Heart Defects
Potential Clinical Uses of Short-Acting Nondepolarizing Neuromuscular-Blocking Agents as Predicted from Animal Experiments
The Physician & The Law
The Source of Increased Plasma Potassium Following Succinylcholine
Increased Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure During Laryngoscopy and Intubation for Induction of Anesthesia
Guest Discussion
Case History Number 86
A New “Continuously-On” Suction Valve
Comparison of Success in Jugular Versus Basilic Vein Technics for Central Venous Pressure Catheter Positioning
A Plastic Sleeve Electrode
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