Anesthesia for the Patient with Cardiac Disease
The Patient with Heart Disease
Anesthetic Management
Anesthesia for Patients with Heart Block and Artificial Cardiac Pacemakers
Drugs in Cardiac Supportive Care
Anesthesia for Patients Early After Infarction
Preanesthetic Evaluation and Management of Malignant Hyperthermia in the Pig Experimental Model
Sodium Nitroprusside-induced Hypotension for Supine Total Hip Replacement
Train-of-Four Fade and Edrophonium Antagonism of Neuromuscular Block by Succinylcholine in Man
Neutrophil Chemotaxis During and After General Anesthesia and Operation
Guest Discussion
Hypertension and Decreased Renal Blood Flow Following Methylene Blue Injection
Halothane MAC in Dogs Unchanged by Phenobarbital
Massive Myoglobinuria Precipitated by Halothane and Succinylcholine in a Member of a Family with Elevation of Serum Creatine Phosphokinase
The Effects of Heparin on Recovery from Ischemic Brain Injuries in Cats
Change in Pulmonary Venous Admixture With Varying Inspired Oxygen
Absence of Recall After General Anesthesia
Effect of Morphine-Diazepam on Signs of Anesthesia, Awareness, and Dreams of Patients Under N2O for Cesarean Section
Relation of Paco2 to Fresh Gas Flow in a Circle System
A Comparative Interaction of Epinephrine with Enflurane, Isoflurane, and Halothane in Man
A Preplanned Treatment for Malignant Hyperpyrexia
Thoughts About Medical Writing XXXVII. Verify Your References
Maintenance of Body Temperature by Heated Humidification
A Comparison of the Efficiency of Three Anesthesia Circle Systems
Clinical Use of Etomidate for Anesthesia A Preliminary Report
The Anesthetic Effect of Oxygen
Case History Number 92
Guest Discussion
A Precordial ECG Lead for Chest Operations
A Safety Valve for the Pediatric Rees System
Hazards of Disposable Rebreathing Circuits
A PEEP Device for a Manual Bag Ventilator
The Tracheal Bronchus
Innominate Artery Compression Simulating Cardiac Arrest During Mediastinoscopy
Anesthesia for Vanishing Lung Syndrome
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Attorney Urges Study of Doctors' Professional Relationships
No Liability for Death of Patient During Anesthesia
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Oxygen Measurements in Biology and Medicine
Childbirth, A Joy—Not Suffering