How May Neuromuscular Blocking Drugs Affect the State of General Anesthesia?
Ethanol, Diazepam, and Scopolamine Alter Murine Learning Function and Memory Ethanol Changes Halothane Minimum Alveolar Concentration
Limitations of the Cyanide Electrode for Use in Plasma and Whole Blood
The Celiac Ganglia in Man
Impact of Propranolol on Hemodynamic Response and Blood Cyanide Levels during Nitroprusside Infusion
Can the Extent of Halothane Debromination Be Predicted Preoperatively?
Psychomotor Performance following Exposure to Trace Concentrations of Inhalation Anesthetics
Antagonism of Pancuronium and Its Metabolites by Neostigmine in Cats
Hydrogen Ion Concentration versus pH
Intravenous Procaine as a Supplement to General Anesthesia for Carbon Dioxide Laser Resection of Laryngeal Papillomas in Children
Pancuronium Reduces Halothane Requirement in Man
Impairment of Tracheal Ring Ciliary Activity by Halothane
Pulmonary Antibacterial Defense Mechanisms Are Depressed by Halothane
Adrenergic Receptors and Others, Fourteenth Annual Becton, Dickinson and Company Oscar Schwidetzky Memorial Lecture
Profound Hypotension following a “Test Dose” of Bretylium Tosylate
Intraoperative Transection of a Swan-Ganz Catheter
Methemoglobinemia Associated with Organic Nitrate Therapy
Severe Hypertension and Multiple Atrial Premature Contractions following Naloxone Administration
Blood Pressure Monitoring Using the Superficial Temporal Artery and a Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Detector
Cardiac Arrest during Cesarean Section in a Chronic Amphetamine Abuser
More on Intravascular Migration of an Epidural Catheter
“Bedbug Infestation” as a Complication of Epidural Anesthesia
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