Anesthesiology and Its Publications
A Computer-Assisted Preanesthesia Interview
Peripheral Vascular and Direct Cardiac Effects of Digoxin in the Calf
Withdrawal Convulsions in Mice following Nitrous Oxide
Increased Skin Temperature during Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation
Cardiovascular and Neuromuscular Effects of Org NC 45, Pancuronium, Metocurine, and d-Tubocurarine in Dogs
Antagonism of Org NC 45 Neuromuscular Blockade by Neostigmine, Pyridostigmine, and 4-Aminopyridine
Maternal Halothane Anesthesia Reduces Cerebral Blood Flow in the Acidotic Sheep Fetus
Percutaneous Cervical Central Venous Line Placement
Ketamine Acts on the Peripheral Sympathetic Nervous System of Guinea Pigs
Intraocular Pressure during Enflurane and Neurolept Anesthesia in Adult Patients Undergoing Ophthalmic Surgery
Furosemide Facilitates Recovery of Evoked Twitch Response after Pancuronium
Physostigmine-Atropine Solution Fails to Reverse Diazepam Sedation
Detection of Fluorinated Anesthetic Metabolites by Sodium Fusion
A Possible Hazard with Use of the Ohio Ethrane Vaporizer
Persistent Electromechanical Cardiac Arrest following Administration of Cardioplegic and Glucose-Insulin-Potassium Solutions
Spinal Subdural Hematoma Associated with Attempted Epidural Anesthesia and Subsequent Continuous Spinal Anesthesia
Intra-aortic Balloon Counterpulsation for Right Heart Failure
Severe Circulatory Shock following Protamine (An Anaphylactic Reaction)
Coma and Abnormal Neurologic Signs following Premeditations
Congenital Complete Heart Block
Obesity Supine Death Syndrome
Mechanisms of Pain and Analgesic Compounds
Selected Papers in Respiratory Therapy, Second Edition
Jamieson & Kays Text-book of Surgical Physiology, Third Edition
Management of the Patient-Ventilator System
Clinical Management of the Mother and Newborn
Monitoring Cerebral Function